Tonight ..Angelic Upstarts/Red alert/Red london

Talking about Punk music it's my mates' (leatherface) wedding party tonight, although they got married last month in the USA. Gutted I won't be there, the rest of the family will have to drink my share.
Proper local working class bands that take no shit politically from the right. As it should be. Most of the punk /oi bands around the national scene were middle class art / drama school students from down south. These lads were out of the pits and ship yards. Great stuff.
Think they were too young to have real jobs. Warra was drumming straight from school from what I remember
Saw the upstarts and Red Alert in Lodz, Poland last easter and they were great.

It wasn't the purpose of our trip to Poland, but once we realised they were on changed our plans and got there. Glad we did.