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will the north west elect tommy robinson as their mep ??

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  1. Elephant

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    Burnt any witches recently Mr J ?
  2. Mrjardine

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    A couple last night and got a burning on in Mowbray Park about 9.
    It’s what Christians do apparently.
  3. More absolute bollocks, have a look at the prosecutions and jail sentences for members of National Action. Here is one example to save you the bother and prove that sentence is a load of shit

    Leader of banned neo-Nazi terror group, National Action, jailed for eight years
  4. Have you thought that maybe its because you and a number of other hard right crazies spend all your time attacking them? As for sympathies towards those families who have been ripped apart by terrorists absolutely I have showed compassion and sympathy for them, why would I not, they are part of my community.

    At the same time the actions of our good peaceful country have resulted in millions of families in the middle east being ripped apart, can you point to your posts where you commiserated with the bloke killed by the Welsh bloke in the Finsbury park mosque terror attack or where you commiserate with the millions of families ripped apart by British bombs?

    Sometimes in life, people who have no voice, the way muslims have no voice on here need defending......What you would love is for you to spout your racist, islamophobic bull shit without question....It must really piss you off that white British people in our City pull you up on your fucked up extremist views.
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  5. Well yes, but I get the feeling you believe those words as well.
  6. Elephant

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    Well they did in about the 15th Century which is about the same century the likes of the Taliban currently live in.

    Anyway see you at Mowbray Park.
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  7. Are you serious? You think one right wing extremist being locked up means that it is being dealt with? How many extremist muslims do you think are in prison (rightly in prison btw)? The point surely is if you are going to lock up extremists and people clearly radicalised you need to lock up all the extremist hate preachers; only problem is is that your poster boy Tommy will be the first one in the clink.
  8. ---Nemo---

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    "Currently riding second in opinion polls in Germany, AfD is hoping to enter the Bavarian state assembly for the first time when elections are held on 14 October. "

    Robinson isn't even close to matching the electoral success of the far right on the mainland. We have far bigger fish to fry. IMHO of course.
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  9. Mrjardine

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    Attacking them or merely pointing out that following a way of life that is so at odds with the western world then actually deciding to live here and complain about our way of life is ever so slightly hypocritical?

    Pointing out that following an ideal being such as ‘allah’ who was a blatant peadophile is perhaps something that shouldn’t be actively encouraged in this country.

    Bring critical of the way they treat women as second class citizens.

    The fact that despite living here they would go and fight for Isis then have the brass neck to return here as normal.

    Or Maybe how again despite living here and enjoying the freedom a country like this provides them they have the audacity to attack and abuse our soldiers.

    How about the money we are squandering having to keep a close eye on what is 23,000 jihadists strolling around without a care in the world.

    Now I’m fully aware the vast majority of Muslims living here are fine but allowing such an oppressive religion a chance to breath and grow amongst a western civilisation is a very dangerous route to go down IMO.
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  10. I gave you one example there are others, and there is currently another court case going on. The fact is that not just Muslims are being locked up for extreme views, but also thankfully right wing wankers, so you were wrong, you should just admit it and move on.

    And my poster boy Tommy Robinson? Where have I defended Robinson, I think he's a fucking prick. I was just pointing out your stupidity.
  11. r@mside

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    Bloody hell, now we have a kangaroo court deciding someone's guilt on the evidence of innuendo.

    It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.
  12. Actually you are right, it seems that for the first time since 2001 most people convicted of terror offences in the UK in 2018 were white far right extremists....Despite extremist muslims still made up the majority of terrorists in prison the number of muslim extremists is falling while there is an explosion in the number of far right terrorists...Kind of supports my point on this thread wouldnt you say? The far right are out of control and just like radical Islam hate preachers like Robinson who inspires these lunatics need dealing with. This bit is particularly relevant

    Experts have warned of the threat of “reciprocal radicalisation”, where Islamists and the far-right feed off each other to drive support to their own ideologies.

    Essentially the extremists are feeding off each other but interesting that they are mentioned in exactly the same way....Islamic extremists and far right extremists are two sides of the same ugly vicious coin;.

    Number of white people arrested for terror offences outstrip any other single ethnic group, new figures show

    Had them for years, if you are Asian and a muslim then you are a rapist apparently.....It only gets questioned when we start to apply the same standards to white Brits.
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  13. r@mside

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    The anti-terror squad have been battering this lot for the last couple of years.

    Crossbow 'found near baby Adolf's crib'
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Interesting piece on Newsnight tonight about him
    Quite balanced and thought provoking
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  15. lenshack

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    Spot on.
  16. r@mside

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    Ivan Humble, the former EDL member, made a fair point about why they felt their voice wasn't being listened to when Anjem Chowdray was given mainstream air time.

    Sammy Woodhouse, one of the Rotherham victims, was spot on saying Robinson was being disrespectful to victims by claiming credit for exposure of grooming gangs when it was their bravery that got the nation to take notice. She also questioned why he showed no interest in the white men who raped her and other victims.

    Personally, thought they gave Robinson an easy ride when discussing his motivation but then again, it was a short discussion segment.
  17. SAFCOldie

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    It was nigh on 70% of the News night program to be fair, which is quite rare. It looked to me that they are either backtracking a little, in light of the Sky news stitch up, and want to come across as the more balanced news source or this story with the squaddies is going to be a big issue in the next few days. Either way they all pretty much agreed with the points Robinson highlights, just concerned it has got to this point but I agree with you they weren't particularly demonising him as per usual.
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  18. Aituk7

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    That's not quite true. Arrested and convicted are two different things. You can be arrested just on a suspicion. Conviction confirms the guilt.

    Islamic terrorists are still the number one for convictions.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Adolf? First name terms, eh? Most sane-minded people refer to him as Hitler.

    Moreover, is the UK not considered to be in recession / depression? Don't the populous need something to cling on to? Aren't Tommy and his little friends trying to seduce the ignorant masses with their bullshit rhetoric?

    It is the same ballpark, pal - EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME

    Are you for real? Where's the connection? Listen to yourself, man. You've been taken in, lock stock and barrel. What a fucking mug.

    What's the harm of sympathising with Muslim? The vast majority are peace-loving people that abhor terrorism in all its forms.

    I have a problem with terrorists. Especially the ones that use religion as an excuse.
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  20. JonMc

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    I noticed on one of the vids posted on here since he got out of prison was of him saying that his next move was going to be making contact with rape victims and their families. Something else he has no business whatsoever doing and hopefully this lady might have headed that awful spectacle off at the pass.
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