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will the north west elect tommy robinson as their mep ??

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  1. yes

  2. no

  1. Or a terrorist sympathiser trying to justify B/S
  2. It has never happened in this country, so not sure about the again part. Extreme right wing groups like you mention never do well at the ballot box. Thankfully the great British public on the whole never fall for such extreme right wing bollocks, so I wouldn't worry about a handful of fucking idiots.
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  3. In the North East right wing extremism is a far far bigger problem that radical islam, thats not my assessment its from the prevent strategy which monitors extremists loons on all sides. We have a problem folks and the denial of the community it is coming from is a huge part of the problem dont you think?

    Terrorists sympathiser, fucking hell, some on this thread are excusing extremism and hate preaching and its not me, Im condemning it all, some of you are hero worshipping the hate preacher.

    It had never happened in Germany either, well right until it happened in Germany.
  4. Mrjardine

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    I’m talking about the country as a whole.
    How many deaths has right wing extremism caused in comparison to Muslim extremism in this country over the last 10 year?
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  5. bryc1

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    Not struggling at all mate. Germany was in a deep depression when Adolf rose to power they needed something to cling onto Hitler was canny talking an seducing cos they saw a hope and followed him. This isnt even the same ball park hell it isnt even the same fucking sport..
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  6. Are you serious or being deliberately thick....The fact you agree with one of the extremists hate preachers doesnt mean his extremist hate preaching is less of a problem than the other one.
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    Well this thread looks like a lot of fun :lol:
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    Alreet Mo !!
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  9. Are we getting onto a death count? Do we count the govt religious extremists in this too? Bush and Blair caused over a 1 million civilian deaths by invading Iraq of iirc, I wonder how many otherwise average muslims that radicalised, MI5 and American analysis seemed to suggest a lot.

    Iraq war increased terrorist threat to the UK, former MI5 chief tells Chilcot Inquiry

    Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat
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    He doesn't do himself any favours does he.
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  11. As opposed to the UK which has just been through a decade of austerity where the poorest have got noticeably poorer, where we are going through Brexit which has increased intolerance to people who are not "British"......Seems to me that we currently have the perfect storm, not the same storm as Germany but certainly one that has given rise to an increase in fascist and far right ideology becoming more mainstream.
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    Speaking of terrorist sympathisers.... from the other thread

    I mean is it our side of the debate that are the real fascists? Or is it idiots like this who will literally be an apologist for the man who inspired Salman Abedi even when presented with evidence showing Imam Mustafa Graf calling for armed Jihad and it being verified by two independant Islamic scholars because it doesn't fit their ideology. Who's the real bastard here?

    The evidence for those who haven't seen it
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  13. bryc1

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    So are you all for gang rapes of bairns, ridiculously open borders for anyone and shariah law for all, gay people lobbed of buildings etc?
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  14. errant

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    Who knew people loved stupid racists so much!?
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  15. :lol: Christ, swap right wing extremism and muslim and you sound like right wing fucking nut jobs, especially that last sentence.

  16. Another loon, all extremist loons should be locked up, the only ones that currently are is muslim loons while loons like Robinson are allowed to walk the streets.

    Thanks for posting this, that is what happens when you allow extremists nuts to continue to spout their bile....It seems we agree, the only thing we dont agree on is that you support an extremist nut while I hate them all and want them all locked up...

    I wonder if there are people in the crowds in Sunderland listening to Robinson who he inspires to carry out attacks on Muslims in our City?
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  17. Mrjardine

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    I said how many in this country over last 10 year I wasn’t talking about the war in Iraq.

    You are waffling on about Robinson being a hate preacher and comparing him to Hitler whilst ignoring the Muslim extremists who have been responsible for so many deaths that have torn families lives apart in this country.

    You really need to have a look at yourself mind or if that draws a blank do as I suggest and fuck off to one of these Muslim shithole countries where you can sympathise till your hearts content whilst waiting for Robinson to start WW3 :rolleyes:
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  18. You realise the last sentence was me using the words right wing loons aim at muslim communities all the time right?

    Give over, I have consistently called out ALL extremists, I hate the lot of them and they all need locking up...Its only those on this thread who are under the spell of the right wing extremist Robinson who are justifying extremism, I want every single extremist from Robinson to every extremist islamic preacher to nutters like Blair and Bush locking up for their crimes.
  19. Mrjardine

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    Well you spend far more time fighting the good fight and sympathising on behalf of Muslims than you do showing any compassion towards those who’s families have been ripped apart due to the actions of those who follow ‘the religion of peace’ :rolleyes:
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  20. bryc1

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    He’s about as right wing as a fuselage man

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