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9PM on bbc 4 - tish…

Well worth a watch, as a lot of posters here lived the life she photographed. Documentary is by her daughter, and really brings her life to the big screen really well. Saw it on the big screen at the tyneside cinema but I’m sure it’ll work just as well on the small screen.

It’s an image of the north east that really isn’t that far from where we are today. I’m sure a lot of people will be familiar with her work, like Eslwick Kids or the Jazz Bands…

I found it - it`s still up.

It`s only 7 minutes or so long so a nice length to watch to get a good summary of Tish Murtha and what happened to those kids in the photos:

She was part of the team and even though the credits show different people did different roles they all co-wrote it, devised the questions, decided where to film and worked on the directing and editing together and they had help back at the Tyneside Cinema with post production work.

What she did say, is the stuff they cut out was quite political and damning of the Tory government but it was felt that they should focus more on the people. I wish they`d been able to make, certainly what my daughter, wanted to make but the project was designed to be a short documentary under 10 minutes or so.
Thanks for these , just watched them both.
Thought Tish was a really beautiful film, shed a tear at the end. So many memories of my childhood came flooding back. Rough as f**k but (generally) happy. The lost potential of my generation is heartbreaking.
Started watching it just now. Will watch the rest later. Love these stories of people from the working class having that desire to do something against the grain of acceptance. Seeing these kids playing in places with such dereliction seems like something from a lifetime ago but it's not so long back really. I see places these days and think it's bad but it's nothing compared to this. Having said that, I can see a similarity now with the way kids have no hope and see no future. We really need to nip it in the bud as a society or we'll soon end up back with these same old problems.

Anyway, fantastic programme and amazing lady who stood up for what she believed in. Very inspiring.