Tips for small sided games

I wasn’t about for the @supersesh games or the @Raich Carter games.

@Mackem00 was very decent though, in fairness so was @watsonuk1 but I was talking to him on the bus the other day and he says he doesn’t get on here any more.

I’d organise a reunion for early next year, but everyone has children/wives/ are over 38 now…

So we can’t drink to excess but we can go out for a meal or something.

If the lads fancy it, happy to do the booking.


Quick edit, evidently some lads don’t post on here any more, if anyone kept their numbers or can remember any more of the lads who played. I’m thinking April :lol:

You could have said over 40 to keep me in the younger group :(

I’m still playing and scoring worldies like I did at the SOL (but I still don’t like to talk about it)
as it was 3g my knees swelled right up and even now, 3 weeks later, I cant walk properly. actual fitness wise wasnt bad but my knees have something wrong
Aye footy can do that works parts you dont really use, knacks my ankle but i do love a game just takes me longer to recover every time now
The good sides unpick you like a rubik cube
but as said ultimately someone lost their man and grabbed the chance
i got frowned at by the purists for just grabbing half a yard and having a shot etc but i alos run all over off the ball to create spaces
On my tenth or so comeback at 60
right footed playing left footed due to injuries .Scored two belter left footers last game
Started 6 a side myself last few months

Former 11 a side striker but many of failed attempted come backs after a knee op and had to accept my fate and pack it in

Got asked to make up numbers for a mates 5 a side team a few years back, said I could have a go in goals, had a blinder that game so kept getting invited back til lad who ran the team withdrew us from league without consulting rest of us

Few months ago another mate asked if fancied a crack at 6 a side, first time I’ve ever played that and amazed at how different a game it is from 5 a side as a keeper, opposition allowed in area etc, beat myself up about every goal conceded pretty much then when you think about the distance out they were and they bloody well should be scoring! Found at 5 a side as a big lad good at stopping ball with my feet of low down just had to stay on my line majority of time and opponent would have to hit it perfect to beat me, had to work on getting positioning right for the new game, still making enough decent stops so happy with progress but definitely a lot to work on going forward
Best nugget of advice I was ever given is keep your heels off the ground. Sounds daft but it makes such a difference in moving quickly over short spaces if you're moving from a standing start off the balls of your feet. Oh and don't stop running. Really simple but so useful. I'm not talking about sprinting everywhere but just keeping springy all the time.
Pass to feet the majority of the time. Through balls aren't often on and when they are they need to be short 5 yard incisive passes. I see plenty of lads playing rushed through balls which just give the ball away, there isn't enough space to run onto a pass.

Been said above but be patient, don't be afraid to go backwards to keep the ball.

Quick, smart distribution from the goalie is absolutely key as well .

And one-twos are super effective! Just like 11-a-side. Might be the oldest move but it's the best. Can use the wall to play them as well
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