Tipping Point

I didn't realise until I watched this that Jimmy Bullard had gender reassignment and now calls himself Susan.
Once you've been told Northern Ireland politician Arlene Foster is Paul Merton, you can't unsee it.



Full Back
Alaska is the largest state in which country? Canada.

With an atomic number of 2 what gas is typically used to fill balloons? Hydrogen.

Which party did the Tories have a confidence and supply agreement with following the 2017 election? DPU

All in the first 5 minutes :eek:
That's not seriously creepy at all.

"What would you do with £10,000?"
"Save up for our wedding."
"When is it?"
"Oh, he hasn't asked me."

Almost as creepy as the one on The Chase the other day, who said she had bought the wedding dress and booked the venue, but wasn't engaged.