Tipping Point


Full Back
Can't believe that they ever choose zone 2 or 3 when the winner is known, that disc will always slide to an awkward place. Got to be 1 or 4😭😭
Another classic.. which American port city acted as capital while Washington DC was built..

She said Denver.. a land locked city..

I guessed wrongly at Boston or new York but answer was Philadelphia
Missed the full question....Which large bird was known to the Greeks as the...... (didn't catch this) ?

Jemma - Stoke.

Ben - Is it Stoke ......? No it's not. It's ostrich. Did you mean stork ?

Jemma - Eeeeeeehhhhhhhh.....yes


No wonder she made a spectacle of herself. Her glegs made Diedre Barlows' seem like contact lenses.
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