Tipping Point

Discussion in 'SMB' started by njmackem, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. rickopooly

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    Tipping point; Andrea from Liverpool asked the Capital of Angola

    Answer = Pakistan
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  2. Bladecat

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    Name a fruit that is orange.

    "Ooh, thats not one I know. I think I will have to pass on that one but I think he will know it."
    " No I don't know it either I will guess at crisps"

    It does make you feel intellectually superior:)
  3. mini-x2

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    My youngest son gets most of the questions on Tipping Point correct, it’s garbage! The Chase pisses all over it.
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  4. Mackem DJ

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    Best moment from Tipping Point:

    Q. Which British heavyweight boxer is known as The Gyspy King

    Contestant one: “errrm. I think its Tyson Fury but I cant be sure so i’ll pass”

    Contestant two (some old girl): “I know nothing about boxing. Is it Tyson Fury?”


    Also: the thick twats in the final round, they do realise by picking zone 2 or 3 they are miles less likely statistically to get the counter down??? :rolleyes:I assume most dont.
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  5. cluffy

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    Never knew you were a farmer like.
  6. Snugster

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    Dunno if this is a woosh but she is blind.
  7. burb

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    lateral movement and ambient drop

    "Need a bit of lateral, need a bit of lateral"
  8. Doberman

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    errr.. :lol:
  9. BigPete

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    Blind maybe?

    Exactly mate. I applied to go on the chase didn't hear anything back though.
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  10. Cox Green Fc

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    Tipping Point is boring af now.

    Ben Shepherd is a little freak aswell. Ooo might get some lateral '
    Shut up Ben you stupid repetitive fuckhead
  11. Pepe

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  12. stretch

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    ‘Ghost drop’ wtf
  13. I was introduced to the joys of Tipping Point this visit back the UK just gone, my parents (70's) love it, it's shite! It does go to prove, that in general, the average persons general knowledge has gone down the shitter.

    It's a rare occasion if I actually turn the TV on, my parents pay my TV license, as they like watch tele when at my house, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Although I did like that one, i think called moving to the country of something like that. Oh and I caught the garden show with Charlie, she has beefed up something.
  14. super sleeves

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    Ghost drop .....
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  15. SAFC Wilks

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    Brilliant. :lol:

    Here’s one which isn’t as good but I was fuming when her answer came up. Shit quality video though.


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