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I didn’t vote leave but the way the remain camp have behaved and tried to be-little anyone with a different opinion of them by claiming they are thick or racist is disgusting.
Given again I’d vote leave such is the bitter taste left in my mouth by these bullies .This place is over run with it
Top reasoning.

Bob Fleming

Look there have been winners and losers whilst we have been in the EU.
We had a vote and it was to leave. More people felt they were part of the latter group.
There will be winners and losers post brexit with a no deal.
Simple. Life will go on regardless.
Absolutely. The Martin's of this world. Boris. Niger. They will be winners. Folk betting against the pound. The already rich. They will be winners.

The losers will be the majority of the poor bastards who voted for it.


You need to read what I said again. Jobs will be lost in the UK because of the EU deal with Japan. It's already happening in Swindon. The war on diesel and petrol engines which is Europe wide is another reason jobs will go.
I'm all for getting rid of ic cars. I was with the wife shopping a few years back in a small Leicestershire town. We had to leave because the fumes stung your eyes, you could taste them.
But to blame the resulting job losses, as seen with Ford, on brexit is just daft. All part of a strategy of blaming brexit for everything though.
I'll take that as a No