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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Slim999, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Could you name one expert who backs brexit, give their reasoning and why you agree with them?
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    I like Tim he's saved many an old building from the wrecking ball.
    The smartest pub I've been in anywhere in the country is his converted cinema in Blyth. I love old cinemas, any Deco style building come to think of it. It's like stepping back in time going into the Wallaw. It's worth the journey to Blyth just to visit that pub.
    I sense an element of jealousy on this thread, not to mention blind hatred because Tim supports brexit. I'd like to know how many jobs and how much revenue for the country these haters have created themselves. I think I know the answer.
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    Just because he runs a successful pub chain doesn't mean he doesn't speak absolute bollocks about brexit.
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    Yes, dozens. I count 83 on this list alone.
    Whoops, yet again Remain attempts to score points with braying ridicule and fails.


    Dr Graham Gudgin, Economist, Centre for Business Research, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Posts by Dr Graham Gudgin

    Professor Robert Tombs, Emeritus Professor of French History, University of Cambridge. Posts by Professor Robert Tombs

    Editorial Consultant: Dr Anna Bailey, political scientist, author of Politics Under the Influence. Vodka and Public Policy in Putin’s Russia (Cornell University Press)

    Newsletter Editor: An Oxbridge-based PhD Student (who prefers to remain anonymous)

    Advisory Committee


    Rt Hon Sir Richard Aikens, former member of the Court of Appeal, and former Vice-President of the Consultative Council of European Judges. Posts by Sir Richard Aikens

    Professor David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law, The City Law School, City University of London.

    Baroness (Ruth) Deech, former chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, and former Principal of St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. Posts by Baroness Deech

    Dr Richard Ekins, Associate Professor in Law, St. Johns College, University of Oxford. Posts by Richard Ekins

    Professor Carol Harlow, QC, FBA, Emeritus Professor of Law at the London School of Economics.

    Dr Bryn Harris, barrister and freedom of speech campaigner. Posts by Bryn Harris

    Professor Peter Ramsey, Professor of Law, London School of Economics.

    Professor Guglielmo Verdirame, Professor of International Law King’s College, London.

    Professor Joseph Weiler Jean Monnet Professor of Law at New York University

    Business, Finance and Economics:
    Professor David Blake, Professor of Finance and Director of the Pensions Institute, Cass Business School, City University of London.

    Mr. Alexander Darwall, Jupiter Fund Management.

    Mr Martin Davison, retired tax consultant, now following academic pursuits in early Christianity, palaeoanthropology, mathematics and Latin.

    Ruth Lea CBE Economic Advisor and Non_Executive Director of the Arbuthnot Banking Group, and Fellow of the RSA and the Royal Statistical Society

    Mr Robert Lee, Former Chief Economist, Board of Executors (South Africa), Economic Consultant (UK), and private investor.

    Sir Paul Marshall, chairman of Marshall Wace.

    Mr Rory Maw, Bursar, Magdalen College, Oxford.

    Mr John Mills, Entrepreneur and Economist. Chairman of JML. Chair of Labour Leave and Labour Future. Posts by John Mills

    Dame Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing. Legal and General Investment Management. Formerly Chief Executive, Newton Investment Management.

    Professor Paul Ormerod, Economist at Volterra Partners, a Visiting Professor at the UCL Centre for Decision Making Uncertainty. Posts by Paul Ormerod

    Professor David Paton holds the Chair of Industrial Economics at Nottingham University Business School and is a member of Economists for Free Trade.

    Professor Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Fellow of Kings College, University of Cambridge. Posts by Robert Rowthorn

    Dr Paul Sheard, Former Vice-Chairman and Chief Economist of S&P Global, now Senior Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School.

    Mr Rory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne, Ogilvy Group UK.

    Mr Edmund Truell, co-founder, the Pension Superfund.

    Mr Peter Udale, CEO Pembridge Analytics.

    Mr Harry Western, pen-name of a senior economist working in the private sector who wishes to remain anonymous.

    Professor Phil B Whyman Professor of Economics University of Central Lancashire Business School and Director of the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise.


    Professor Nigel Biggar, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, and Canon of Christ Church, University of Oxford.

    Professor Paul Elbourne, Professor of the Philosophy of Language, Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

    Professor John Gray, political philosopher, broadcaster and writer. Formerly Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics.

    Dr James Orr, McDonald Post-Doctoral Fellow in Theology, Ethics and Public Life, Christ Church, University of Oxford.

    Dr Tom Simpson, philosophy of public policy, Blavatnik School, University of Oxford. Posts by Tom Simpson

    Professor John Tasioulas, Director of the Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy, and Law, King’s College, London.
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    Foreign policy/diplomacy/defence:
    Professor David Betz Professor of war in the Modern World, Kings College, London

    Dr Philip Cunliffe, Senior Lecturer in International Conflict, University of Kent

    Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the Secret Intelliegence Service, former master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and Chair of the Trustees, University of London Posts by Sir Richard Dearlove

    Mr John Forsyth, former member of the Council of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and Centre of International Studies, Cambridge

    Mr Adrian Hill, former head of Commercial Department, British Embassy, Seoul, and former British Army Officer.

    Dr Lee Jones, Reader in International Politics, Queen Mary, University of London

    Sir Peter Marshall, formerly of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Assistant Secretary-General of the

    Dr Thomas Mills, Lecturer in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, University of Lancaster

    Professor Gwythian Prins, Emeritus Research Professor, London School of Economics, visiting academic professor, École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr. Posts by Gwythian Prins

    Professor Michael Rainsborough Professor of Startegic Theory, Kings College, London

    Dr Philip Towle, Emeritus Reader in International Relations, and former Director of the Centre of International Studies, Cambridge

    Sir Andrew Wood, former UK Ambassador to Yugoslavia and to Russia, and currently Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House.

    Political and Social Sciences:
    Dr Anna Bailey, political scientist, author of Politics Under the Influence. Vodka and Public Policy in Putin’s Russia (Cornell University Press)

    Dr Robin Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.

    Lord (Maurice) Glasman, Labour peer, political theorist, and Director of the Common Good Foundation.

    Professor Robert J. Jackson, Distinguished Professor at Carleton University Ottawa, and Emeritus Fletcher Jones Professor of International Relations at the University of Redlands, California.

    Michael James, former university lecturer in Politics, assistant editor of Economic Affairs.

    Professor David Lane, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and Emeritus Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.

    Dr Tara McCormack, School of History, Politics & International Relations, University of Leicester.

    Professor Jonathan Rutherford, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies, Middlesex University. Writer, political adviser, and co-founder of Blue Labour.

    Professor Richard Tuck, FBA, Frank G. Thomson Professor of Government at Harvard University.

    Professor George Yarrow, Chair of the Regulatory Policy Institute, and Emeritus Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford.

    Professor David Abulafia, FBA, Professor of Mediterranean History, Cambridge.

    Professor Robert Colls, Professor of Cultural History at De Montfort University.

    Professor Jonathan C D Clark Professor Clark is a leading political and constitutional historian of early modern Britain. He has held prestigious posts at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Kansas.

    Sir Noel Malcolm, FBA, Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford.

    Professor Andrew Roberts, historian, Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

    Dr Daniel Robinson, international history, Fellow of Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Former Senior Policy Adviser to the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

    Dr Peter Sarris, Reader in Late Roman, Medieval and Byzantine History, Cambridge.

    Professor Michael Vickers, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of Oxford.

    Education, Arts and Culture:

    Pamela Dow, formerly director of strategy at the Ministry of Justice, now chief reform officer, Catch22.

    Professor John Wilson Foster, former Professor of English Literature, University of British Columbia, and member of the Institute of Irish Studies, Queens University, Bellfast.

    Dr Munira Mirza, Executive Director, Culture at Kings College, London

    Dr Nicholas Shrimpton, Emeritus Fellow in English Literature, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.

    Demography and Social Policy:

    Professor David Coleman, Professor of Demography, University of Oxford Institute of Population Ageing.

    Dr Ian Moody, Associate Lecturer with the Open University from 1987-1997 and Head of Psychology at Hayesfield Girls’ School in Bath from 1998-2013. Posts by Ian Moody

    Dr Joanna Williams, author and commentator. Education Editor of Spiked magazine. Author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity(Palgrave/McMillan).

    Natural Sciences:

    Dr Ian Winter, senior lecturer, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge.
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  7. Wetherspoons. The McDonald's of the pub world. I fucking hate the mediocre food and average beer. Now I wish I'd voted remain.
  8. I Stand Alone

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    83 is definitely a match for the thousands of remain supporting academics.
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    I think it’s been answered multiple times mate and not just on this thread.
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    At some point in history only one person believed the Earth was round, that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way round, that Mrs Brown's Boys wasnt funny, or that climate change was entirely natural.
  11. Dave Herbal

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    It’s contributors to one website. I think I’ve won this particular point.
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    If you can so can he.
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    Well we’ll all find out soon enough now. Hook or by crook Boris will get us out of EU.

    What is disturbing though is that even the Government’s own figures indicate that any brexit will be bad for the economy.

    I personally think that both finance and manufacturing will be particularly hard hit, certainly in the short-term.
  14. Dougy16

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    One thing about Tim Martin is you can't call him stupid or thick he's a fully qualified barrister!

    Also I like the fact he became a barrister and then decided to open a pub. It's so British.
  15. joemcdokes

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    Save the children.
  16. Dougy16

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    Actually for manufacturing we're ok. We make cars and weapons. Cars have taken a hit but I still think our weapons industry is a world leader. Long live Saudi Arabia.
  17. I Stand Alone

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    Er, reetio.
  18. Qwerty

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    Did you say that 3 years ago or did you want to leave with a deal back then?
  19. Slim999

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    He hasn't explained how removing tariffs from food imports isn't going to cripple our farming industry.

    Why is nobody asking him that obvious question. ?

    Either he doesn't have an answer

    Or he couldn't care less because it's not his industry , his profits , his jobs
  20. Qwerty

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    We'd have left already if it wasn't for theERG:lol:

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