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Discussion in 'SMB' started by box2box, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. The Rat

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    Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time like.
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  2. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    except he's not.
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  3. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Legend imho
  4. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    He absolutely is, no doubt about it at all
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  5. FootballFan

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  6. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Correct but he is close.
  7. He must have started shagging again
  8. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    he is close and getting closer, yes
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  9. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Is like Hamilton v schumacher
  10. Hbk69

    Hbk69 Full Back

    If tiger woods was white Japanese no one would be horrible
  11. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

    Only if you think golf was invented in 1996 just as football was invented in 1992.
  12. Even Jack has said he's the best
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  13. hefty em

    hefty em Striker

  14. Horrible, arrogant twat. I admire him as a golfer I despise him as a man.
  15. jackpunch

    jackpunch Central Defender

    Anyone who thinks Nicklaus was/is a better golfer than Woods is deluded. Woods is the best by an absolute mile...and I don't really like him
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  16. From 1997-2009 he was the most impressive, most dominant sportsmen ever imo. His list of records is phenomenal.

    141 tournaments without missing a cut
    51 consecutive round of level par or better
    30% winning record
    Etc etc

    His 15 shot US open victory is the greatest achievement in sport ever imo

    Stats incredible: Tiger Woods' 40 greatest numerical records
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  17. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Aye mate, Steve was some player til their lass put the block on it
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  18. Patch

    Patch Winger

    FFS. I though they'd re-branded the hundred acre wood.
  19. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    Apart from Andy Murray obviously.
  20. CheersMarra84

    CheersMarra84 Striker

    :rolleyes::lol: Bastard phone!
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