Tiger Woods hurt

My immediate thought was he might have been drowsy or whatever from pain meds during the recovery from his latest op, and probably shouldn’t have been driving.
My immediate thought he will be drowsy or whatever from prescription meds because that's what they do over there.

Best way to die early is have your own personal physician. They have to intervene to justify their fees.

My first thought may be utterly wrong but they do like to drug people up to the eyeballs over there.
Lots of maybes and guesses. One thing that is certain is that he will graft his bollocks off to make another comeback.
He was lucky they didn't have to graft them back on.


They're reporting he's got compound fractures in his legs and the headline says "POLICE: HE WAS UNABLE TO STAND UNDER HIS OWN POWER" - no shit, Sherlock?