Thunder warning

Some chart this with models simulating engagement with very intense plume with Newcastle area in particular looking at fireworks. Whilst there remains uncertainty it does seem probable that some severe thunderstorms are likely anywhere in Cumbria, N Yorks, Lancashire, Durham, Northumberland (Tyneside and Teeside), and most counties of Southern Scotland including Edinburgh.

Please be on the look out for darkening skies later this afternoon from 16:00 onward the risk running into late evening. There is the possibility of supercell development on an isolated scale which could bring about intense rainfall, flash flooding, large hail, locally damaging winds and very frequent lightning.



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That was one of my most enjoyable drive homes ever, mainly because I knew the backroads to take and beat most of the road closures (just on one of the roads as the police stopped the car behind me)

They are getting lightning just off the coast of northern Ireland at the moment
Aye, I just managed to get on the last bus that managed to get out of Newcastle heading to Durham at 5pm. If it had been ten minutes later, I would have been spending majority of night sitting around the office like some of my colleagues who got stuck.

Some journey mind, left work at 4:30pm and eventually got home at 8:30pm.