Three Girls - BBC1 - Rochdale abuse dramatisation

Discussion in 'SMB' started by HABA87, May 16, 2017.

  1. chriswallace85

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    I dinnar.
  2. JonMc

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    So where is the smb's horror at the scale of child sexual abuse connected with football clubs? Thousands of kids in England and Scotland, hundreds of football clubs involved - 77 in London alone? George Ormond arrested today on 29 counts alone with probably more to follow...and there's clueless fuckwits in pf who are arguing that Newcastle should be docked points - like it's some kind of game - and we wouldn't even have that thread going if the mags weren't involved.

    Hundreds of kids identified with dozens taken into care from family homes in Scotland in Operation Latisse.

    Excuse me if I don't think that simple scale is the overriding concern of too many people here...or should I say that scale by itself isn't the overriding concern.
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  3. Pop

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    There are huge threads all over this forum about child abuse committed by other groups, for example the Leon Brittan thread. Again you are using another stock excuse to deflect.
  4. JonMc

    JonMc Striker

    Oh Aye - Leon Brittan - file under conspiracy rather than rape eh? He was Tory and 'looked 'wrang'...Same with Cliff Richard - no end of shite on these boards about him either....but everyone just KNOWS he's a fiddler, don't they. I mean...a god botherer who has no obvious interest in women...must be a paedo.

    Deflect what? What am I deflecting when I produce rape stats from Pakistan showing the problem over in that country and it's danger of exporting behaviours to this one? Exactly what am I deflecting?
  5. SAFC_Jack

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    Barristers work a "rank and file" rule when doing defence work, so they get given cases and are expected to run it. Their role is to protect and advance the rights of their client. Everyone has the right to a fair trial.

    From a career perspective, barristers will be expected to walk both sides of the line in order of prove their skills and move up the chain.

    When I was at uni a former criminal barrister came in as part of a panel and someone asked how you would defend people accused of cerian horrific crimes. She responded with an analogy about a decorator - if you don't like a customers choice of wallpaper, you still have to put it up. Ultimately, she felt that if you couldn't get to grips with that, criminal law isn't for you.

    It's ultimately protected by the European Convention, and interpreted in that legislation (which is proper shitely drafted but that's another thing).

    When Brexit happens, I wonder if a new HRA will be enacted.
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  6. daedalus

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    They should be in Fkin jail. I was more angry with them than the abusers!
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  7. Keith S30S

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    The football abuse scandal is fairly recent and involves hundreds not thousands. None of the details have been made public in court. It also appears to be a relatively small number of individuals, perhaps 20 abusing over long periods not large groups of sexual predators. In some of these rings there are more than 20 involved in one town.

    I did point out to my GF last night that the ex MP of Rochdale Cyril Smith was into 'little boys'. The scandal of people in positions of trust abusing that power is of course appalling. You can't say there hasn't been complete outrage after the yew tree investigations into the rich and famous.
  8. janey

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    I rarely criticise Social Workers I know how difficult it is but, those in the first episode should have been shot with shit.
    That said, and I can only speak for the LA I'm currently working for, they are totally committed to supporting those at risk of Sexual Exploitation and appear to be doing a good job. So hopefully some lessons have been learnt,
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  9. janiep

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  10. JonMc

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    Operation Hydrant is just showing the tip of a very big iceberg. 1016 football related referrals as of April this year and comments from child abuse lawyer Dino Nocivelli who has prosecuted the catholic church and the scout movement?...'only' 83 from 2000...again “are very likely the tip of the iceberg”.

    Not only that but in 2001 the FA implemented a five year research programme into a review child protection policies but guess what...funding was pulled after three years. Why? On 21 December 2016, according to The Guardian, the NPCC figures were updated to 155 suspects and 148 clubs, with detectives said to be examining possible attacks on 429 people,

    You are right. It's fairly recent and there is a long way to go with plenty to come.
    Yep. Yew Tree. I'll give you that - it was pretty explosive.
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  11. janiep

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  12. Fetch Fletch

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    Just finished it.

    Jesus! :eek: When Sara had a go at the lady copper in episode 2, I was blubbing like a bairn! Some actress she is. Then when the father told of how proud he was..I was destroyed.
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    As I said earlier Maxine Peake is a tremendous actress. Dennis Pennis made my eyes go a bit watery too.
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    I'm not usually the emotional type when watching tele/films but that scene with Holly and her Dad had a bit of dust in my eyes.
    Can't believe what happened to Sara Rowbotham afterwards, essentially sidelined then forced out of her job. Shocking.
  15. SAFC_Jack

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    Apparently she had alcohol issues and was part of the reason for it, but I haven't looked into it to see if it's actually true.
  16. box2box

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    Just watched episode 1. All children can be taken down a wrong path, the lack of effective effective adults is alarming
  17. Only just got round to watching this. Excellent BBC drama with some fantastic acting. That is what we pay our licence fee for.

    That's interesting because without knowing anything about her, I'd suspected they'd toned down Amber because she didn't come across as 'unreliable' as they made out.
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  18. Medulla

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    I've seen two out of three episodes and I've had a lip wobble on at least 3 or 4 times.

    It's really hard to watch but so worth it.
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