Three Girls - BBC1 - Rochdale abuse dramatisation

Discussion in 'SMB' started by HABA87, May 16, 2017.

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    Pakistani doesn't mean Muslim.
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    My "favourite" (can't really think of an alternative word) line was "there's no such thing as a child prostitute". She hit the nail on the head there. Couldn't believe how judgmental and presumptuous social services were. They should've been locked up anarl(maybe they were, I haven't finished it yet!).
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  3. Fletch

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    There'll be a few from social services and police who will have to live with this guilt and ridicule for years to come, and rightly so, the useless gets

    on similar note, i'm surprised that sunderland children services failures never received more publicity as that sounds a right shambles also
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  4. Fetch Fletch

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    Our lass runs the youth housing project over here and they've dealt with some horrible issues, but she was absolutely disgusted how the Rochdale lot behaved towards the girls.
  5. JonMc

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    And I've never had a problem with that. As I've said man, many times and on this thread - I'm in agreement that Pakistani gangs have a particular MO and yes, that is taken into consideration when we're looking at strategies to tackle/prevent these crimes. As I said earlier in this thread - we can differentiate by culture the way in which sex attacks are carried out. If they're Pakistani they're probably hunting in gangs looking to isolate kids on the street...if they're white it's probably the uncle looking to isolate a member of the family. If it's a white gang they're probably looking at isolating really young kids from parents to abuse for kicks and profit. I've even trotted out rape statistics from Pakistan and their spread in the past to give insights to the cultural problem within honour cultures regarding rape and the fact that they don't really about the ethnicity of their victims. Yes? And? So what?

    I just don't see why one particular group of offenders should upset us or horrify us anymore than any of the others and that is what seems to be happening here. That's the bit that doesn't make sense to me. It all needs to be cleaned up equally and tolerance to whomever commits these crimes in any way, shape or form.

    Again - Nazir Afzal has shown that he was on the same page with all of this and it's his comments that I have time for the most.
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  6. WHD

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    So why did you say "FFS. Is this where we're at now? Trading semantics about what differentiates a grooming gang from a paedo one"? when it's now clear it is differentiated by official bodies like Ceop.

    I agree with the bolded bit, but you have to agree when it comes to discussing this issue, certain people are quick to pipe up "but, but, but there are white christian grooming gangs as well",when there are really aren't - not of type 1 anyway.
  7. JonMc

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    Because it just seems so bloody pointless to differentiate when we're looking to apportion 'blame'. It just seems so purile. Yes - it's interesting and helpful for groups like Ceop with all of the partnerships that make this crime agency to look at these differentiations when we're looking at strategies to curb these crimes but apart from that? What?

    As I say - the only reason to do so seems to be to get upset on a message board at one type of child abuser rather than another and until we start seeing double digit page threads on incidents such as Operation Latisse I say that it's difficult to come to any other conclusion. One thing is for sure - Ceop and the partnerships that go into making up the agency will just be seeing these differentiations purely as a means to an end and not just to differentiate for the sake of it - which again seems to happen repeatedly on here.
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  8. dangermows

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    Actually had tears in my eyes when the dad was telling Holly how proud he was of her :oops:

    Look at the attitude on here when a school boy has sex with a female teacher. Ridiculous.
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  9. FIVE

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    But ......but.......but white people rape!

    @kossoff & the looney left on here.
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  10. There are plenty of threads where people are arguing the wider issues and your particularly awesome brand of debating would be, not exactly welcome but not so out of place as on here. Perhaps you could show just the slightest modicum of respect and save it for those threads
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  11. the dude

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    I assumed so. Amber's definitely was. It was just they said the only physical evidence they had was the dna from the foetus and that's why they needed Ruby.
  12. Hardyman's Yugo

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  13. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    I don't think Hollys is. How old was Amber when she got pregnant? Might have been of legal age by that point?
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  14. the dude

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    Maybe that would explain it.
  15. Vinyl Score

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    "March 2017

    MP Ann Coffey publishes a second report which reveals a staggering rise in reports of child grooming.

    It shows:

    • The number of suspected paedophiles in the region has doubled in three years
    • Reports of child grooming have quadrupled
    • Local heroes from bus drivers to gardeners have helped to catch paedophiles
    • A huge rise in runaways since the M.E.N. exposed the crisis in 2011
    • Five-month-long delays in investigating online child abuse."

    It seems there has been little improvement, I despair :(

    The Chief Executive & police chiefs have already retired & will probably have "become senile" or died before they have been brought to justice :evil:

    Why can't kernts like that do the decent thing & hang themselves instead of lead singers of rock bands.
  16. WildTurkey

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    Most worrying was when they showed the list of areas that had seen similar prosecutions at the end (biro in there, obviously)

    JAZZMANB Striker

    When people are saying "The authorities and The Police" they mean the ones specifically involved surely ?

    Suppose it where we face up to reality but only by watching Tv,the one thing we use to escape it
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  18. Cosmos Rocks

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    a truely shocking state of affairs. The authorites should be ashamed but we need to understand there was and still is a lot of pressure not to offend certain groups of people in this country. That said if locking this scum up causes unrest in their communities tough.
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  19. Keith S30S

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    I don't think it is the type of offender that is causing horror. It is the scale and spread of these crimes.

    At least 1400 kids abused in Rotherham over 16 years, that's an average of 88 kids a year in a medium sized town!

    The spread of these crimes is all 4 corners of England and in between. London, Bristol, Oxford, Blackburn and here in the north east.

    It is also the fact that these crimes have been ignored for a variety of reasons which also brings a sense of injustice.
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  20. FIVE

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    Knew you wouldnt let me down :D

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