This blokes hobby...

He's topper, he spent 36 hours in a culvert recently, sleeping and cooking there etc.

He reminds me of what Youtube used to be, real people sharing odd hobbies and stuff. He collects old cans of food and beer too.

He must be on the scale but fair play to him, enjoys what he does and does what he enjoys.

At least when he is doing this it means he is not out murdering prostitutes with a hammer so good news for everyone.
That's his other channel

Lord Potts

I came accross these videos & the beaver man on YOUTUBE a couple of weeks ago. What the hell is going on? Is the Deep State trying to get at us or something.

Who has seen all those 24 hour webcam sites of US rail junctions where you wait for hours for a git big engine to go past pulling about 3 miles of container cars that all look exactly the same. Then you are left just looking at some godforsaken length of railway line in the middle of nowhere until the next 3 miles of container cars come along several hours later.