This Andrew on The Chase


I do recognise him, say’s he is an author, very strange character he has a head and face like a midget/dwarf.

He says if he wins he is taking his mates to Wetherspoons...

Mackem Al

as you said if he had got himself caught would have brought everyone back for £250 each the fucking clown
If they all get knocked out they choose one to come back and play for a grand each. This idiot goes for £241 then just gets 8 in the 2 minutes. If he'd gone for the high amount and lost he'd have got someone cleverer than him back going for a grand. As it is, he screws himself and the other 3 by going for just £241 and the kick in the teeth for him is that he has to answer the questions. What a complete knacker. Looked like there was something wrong with him to be fair. Had an evil smirk on most of the show and his suit was tragic. What a twat.

As mentioned earlier, if id gone high and ended up stuck with one twat who had took the low option i would refuse to answer any questions in the final round too. Fuck them. I would go as far as to state that's what will happen in my moments "advice" you give them after the cash builder. Boils my piss when this happens.