Things You Didn’t Know


Just discovered today why trains are “stabled” and not parked in train sheds/depots...

Apparently it goes back to the days when people only had the option of horse/horse and cart for travelling, so after their journey the horses were stabled, so when the trains came along, the term was carried over for their use.
There’s a few instances where horse related terminology is carried over to the new variant. I believe there is still a car sales place named Hexham Horseless Carriages.


60% of people, worry, that they care far more, about somebody, than that person cares about them.

Daydreaming is good for the brain.
(I do a LOT of daydreaming) 😊

Not having enough sex, puts people at risk, of suffering from, anxiety, depression and paranoia (and I thought it was, all down to SAFC) :lol:
Just learned that too many commas make for difficult reading
Wait till you get old, then you will forget loads and think you have learned new things ;)
I told my dad (70 odd) a joke the other day. He laughed his bollocks off until I reminded him that it was one of his old jokes from when I was a bairn. He stopped laughing when the realisation kicked in that his memory is now shit.

I felt bad about it afterwards like.
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