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Waskerly Mackem

Central Defender
Apparently its divorce day today, the busiest day of the year for divorce solicitors.

Also, 30 people actually started their divorces online on Christmas Day itself!!!

There must have been some nightmare Christmases for some people out there.


The distance, coast to coast, of Australia, is roughly the same as the diameter of the Moon.
So when you look at the Moon you’re something the size of Australia.
Moon diameter is 2159m, Aus width is 2500m. Amazing!


Just had a look.

In early 1872, Andersen fell out of his bed and was severely hurt; he never fully recovered from the resultant injuries. Soon afterward, he started to show signs of liver cancer.
Ah. I prefer the falling out of bed to the other one.

He was not an easy house guest from what we were told in school. He visited Dickens and stayed for weeks and Dickens dreaded him coming back. :lol:
You can have male and female trees.

Some makes of tree have a sex, and cities tend just to plant boy trees as they don’t drop fruit and cause a slip hazard.

However, boy trees release pollen and girl trees hoover it up. Where there are only boy trees there is too much pollen and everyone gets the sneezes.

Dave Herbal

The bloke on the cover of The Jam’s Bitterest Pill single is Vaughn Toulouse, singer with Department S, who later died of AIDS related illness.


Due to the earth bulging at the equator, The summit of Mt. Chimborazo is 1.5 miles closer to the moon that Everest.