Things women expect men to be good at?

Feigning interest in what their slag work mates, have got up to the weekend before.
Plus never asking if said slag mate, is coming to her Christmas party that you’ve been invited to.


Does my fcuking head in that. When I get home and the kids have gone to bed I like nowt better than just sitting in silence for a while or just watching tv and doing absolutely nothing. The wife (no) thinks this is the perfect opportunity to talk me through, in great detail, the entirety of her day. Ffs. I don’t tell her about mine so why the fuck does she think I’m remotely interested in hers. Then she goes off on one when she eventually realises, normally after about 23 minutes of silence from me, that I’m not actually listening to a single word of her drivel. She normally goes off to bed in a huff at this point so I get my silence ;)

Pity I can only put one like for this post.


Can a man that can't just knock up a new shed or build a gazebo truly call himself a man?

She once left me a list like that. But I lost it, and just did the things I thought needed doing.

When we went to bed the list was under the duvet - job #1 was change sheets. :lol:
no chance, id hate to be a youngun growing up these days, they are fucking useless.:lol:


I’m still amazed that anyone is crap at it in this digital age. I assumed all men were capable of watching porn and copying the actors. Clearly not it seems.
That's like saying you don't understand why everyone isn't great at dancing or football.
Ordering take aways over the phone
Proper Gardening (not potting plants)
Driving the car on journeys when it is dark/Icey/raining
Any job related to the garage/shed
Not wanting to start working part time for hobbies/better life balance