Things that scruffy people do

Visiting owl

Have muddy dog paw prints on their front door.

Smoke outside hospitals.

Dog shit in their garden.

Blokes without a top on in public, unless at the beach.

Be loud in public, especially on trains.

Although maybe not all are scruffy, but folk who talk loud on their phones in public, especially on trains. That should be an offence, it's the epitome of being a selfish, rude uneducated peasant.
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People who take shit like sardines or boiled eggs to work for the lunch.
I used to work in a serviced office, and one of the lads in the office over the corridor used to bring fish pie in once a week. You knew without leaving the office which day was fish pie day, filthy unsociable twat. As a side, he’d heat everything for 7 minutes in the microwave, including a Ginsters pasty. The lad must have had an asbestos gob.
in supermarket pick a stuff from the shelf, eat or drink it and leave the empty packet/can in another aisle without paying for it. Some little scratter did this when I was in Lidl last night. For someone reason I just blurted out tramp when I saw it. Said tramp turned round, smiled and kept on shopping.