These Protesters in London

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    It never makes any difference whatsoever.

    Last week some trade unionist wife was speaking in Baltic Square at a rally. On and on she was slavering. Nobody was even there but she was acting like it was live aid.

    Last night a march through the town in opposition to trumps visit even though he’s already here.

    It always seems to be the same types as well. Hippies, students, female art teachers in tie dye long skirts, blokes in kaftans, stop apartheid and free nelson madella tahirts, lifting of josticks and bo.

    I hate Trump as much as the next man but this is making no difference at all. They should ban protesting as it is pointless.
  2. MackneyHackem

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    Well isn't this controversial. An immature protest for lasses and bairns, you might call it?
  3. I'd definitely march against it if protesting was to be banned
  4. At least all the Geordies will be safe at home leaving it to the hippies, students, female art teachers in tie dye long skirts, and blokes in kaftans to brave the hell-hole that is London. :cool:


    Ban the op, not protests
  6. nyron4england

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    its made the route to the pub more difficult for me. providing it doesn't clog up the tube later i don't mind. however, if theres a load of lentil munching, pube-braided hippies stinking it out then i'll be slightly unhappy.

    edit: also, how do they get the time off work?
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    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    Have you seen this Slut Walk thing that’s happening in Newcastle? The most pointless waste of time ever that.

    Deffo will be mate. I seen the one last night here. It stank
  8. Bishop Boy

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    They work?
  9. errrr paid holiday... something that many parts of the US don't have
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  10. MackneyHackem

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    I know of a couple of people who were told if they wanted to go to the protest they could go down and they wouldn't have to use any holiday for it.

    I know someone who actually went down as part of a work trip, they all took the day off to protest.
  11. Kid Galahad

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    You don't see much of a protest when Saudi dignitaries come to our fine country, I would say they have done more to stifle female liberation but Trumpy brings them out of the woodwork, strange....
  12. MackneyHackem

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    It's not though really is it? Being the leader of the free world and that, with close ties to our government.
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  13. the old whataboutism. The Saudis for instance don't have the same say on how the world works. its inconsequential to make a comparison. and as it happens.. yes there were protests.
  14. MackneyHackem

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    Lovely stuff. :cool:
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  15. spitfire

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    Look man, its a nice sunny day in London and they are all out just having a good time as they have nowt better to do. Beats them sitting around in coffee shops all day. They will all be home in time to do their fellas teas and dinners. I don't see what the issue is.
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  16. nyron4england

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    i'm pretty sure in most workplaces you can't dictate as and when you take your holiday, and have you just compared our employment rights to america, yet just called someone out for whataboutisms? ;)

    that keeps the economy ticking. closing roads doesnt.
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  17. fair point but nothing is saying these people haven't had the time booked of for weeks. most can get a day off at short notice
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    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    Aye but they are protesting against his misogyny etc. I’ve been watching on tv and most people seem to be complaining against his moral compass. Same could be said about the Chinese and Saudis.
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  20. Dennis

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    Virgins/vegans only it looks like

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