There’s A Phone Box Outside The Willow Pond


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Anar these Pallioners & Millfielders are behind the times compared to us Northsiders, but you’d have thought they’d have moved to mobiles by now?
About 15 years ago ,I’m sure there was a phone box in Mountain Daisy downstairs men’s toilet ,and I’m not kidding.

Paddy O'Dors

BT are (or were) legally obliged to provide a certain number of public phone boxes.

I did start a thread on here asking if you knew where the nearest one was last year. Mine was about 200 yards away, but the next time I walked past it about a week later it had been removed!
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Big Jeff

BT had targets to keep phone boxes operational and found, in true Pareto analysis style, that 20 percent of their Phone boxes were responsible for 80 percent of reported failures.

Answer - remove the vandalised boxes - targets met!


What was the nearest to me (barnard grove hpool), passed on train back from match years back n ambulances all around it. A lad had been thrown off a motorbike n went through it! Certain he died. Its stood in middle of nowhere the poor fecker.

Jon Dough

I remember a guy from the North side of the water who specialised in breaking into the phones to nick the cash, this was pre mobile, used to go all over the North-East, used a small car jack to somehow pop the cash box.


There’s a field full of em on the west side of the London-Brighton train line.
The rich and stupid down here were having em converted into shower cubicles. Too small.