The Weekly Panak/Panacalty thread - look what I have found!

Big Jeff

In the spirit of its humble origins i hoy anything left in the veg tray in it.

Always onions, corned beef, potatoes and carrots sweet peppers, garlic, lots of herbs, Worcestershire sauce, cauliflower florets cut up quite small and slathered with Bisto Best Beef Gravy.

Tatie on top cooked until it’s just taking on some colour.

daventry cat

Onions carrots turnip potatoes corned beef and more oxos than many would deem resonable are the mainstays, then its what ever you have lying around gets added always with brown sauce

I am incapable of making it in anything other than industrial quantities although this is never my intention🤔

I spent years trying to get my Polish Mrs(no) to try it and everytime i suggest it she looked appalled by the idea.....Surprised her by making it once and she approached it with much sceptcism ............she loves it 😎