The Watch - Discworld Series


Er, "coloured"?

Any number of civilisations have mounted foreign expeditions to colonial territory. The Persians, Ottomans and Moors, for example. And who gives a fuck what the website says? It's a fan Wikia with official permission to use the logos
Try reading the books


She will stomp you both, then send a Golem from The Trust to educate you further
I really should have checked how to spell that. Sodding Lord of the Rings!
Marianne Jean Baptiste
Or Lolly Adefope - She was Kitty in Ghosts if you've seen that

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I saw a stage version of Guards! Guards! years ago which was really good. Not sure if all the casting picks lived up to my imagination but Avon from Blake's Seven played Vimes and was absolutely perfect
Aye I saw that one through Newcastle, was funny as fuck and really well done. Not read any Pratchett books for eons, used to love them back in the day. Think I gave all of mine away.