The walking dead season 9

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Botchie, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. BlackOps

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    In love with your avatar :cool:
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    Yours isn't owa bad either mate ;)

    Barker's possibly one of my favourite drummers to be honest. Skiba is a class addition to Blink :cool:
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  3. Travis

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    That was my reaction. Oh my god they killed Kenny! You bastards. Bit too much reaction and story to that death of the kid nobody knows.

    At least Pollyanna Mackintosh has a new haircut. Canny looking lass without the bowl cut and stupid voice she put on.
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  4. Reptilia

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    You can see the difference in quality now that Kang has took over as showrunner like, miles better in every aspect.
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  5. It was a slow start, Gregory was still a twat and at least trash woman spoke normally. I'm kind of pissed off knowing Rick is leaving, I hope he gets a few more episodes and doesn't get killed off tbh.
  6. Fucking three years into the zombie outbreak and those junkyard cretins were already living like it was 1000 years post apocalypse and everyone was speaking nu-english and looking for fucking Waterworld. Twats
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  7. On the Talking Dead Jeffrey Dean Morgan thought it was like getting the old Walking Dead back, I took that as he didn't think much of what Gimple did.

    I thought the episode was a decent start, the museum was stupid but apart from that OK. Liked the bit at the end with Gregory, a hard nose Maggie is even more of a wad if that's possible!
  8. Reptilia

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    Gimple is horrendous at his job, think he's moved over to FTWD now and apparently that's went to shit since, hardly a coincidence.
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  9. SAFC Wilks

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    Technically earlier than that (around ep 4 of series 8) but it was revealed
    he was bit in series 8 mid-season finale and he died the next episode.
    Never seen him before so no idea why that was made a big deal. Unless that was the first person they’ve lost since Maggie got elected to start some sort of retaliation. Fuck knows.
  10. They should have had him in a red shirt

    That's a bit like N'dong calling out Moyes for making shit signings
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  11. Some Random Guy

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    Just watched it.

    Was okay, they've made much worse.
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  12. Boinger

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    Excellent start.. Looking forward to this series now Gimple has gone as show runner.. Problem is he is now ruining the previously very good FTWD.
  13. Spennymackem1981

    Spennymackem1981 Midfield

    this season has been shocking

    he wants sacking really
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  14. Botchie

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    Good episode imo. Gabriel or Jadis look dead meat though.
  15. Reptilia

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    Class again. Feels like Walking Dead of old.
  16. SAFC Wilks

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    Will be better than FTWD after this season most likely.

    The Gimple showrunner factor is a massive drawback to a series.
  17. Some Random Guy

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    Enjoyed the first two episodes.

    They haven't done the split location thing which has really done my tits in over the years. It worked after the prison as a one off then they took the piss with it.

    I assume Rick will die and Maggie will go to G
  18. Botchie

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    Despite some of the gore why did I find his arm absolutely manky.

    That would leave it open for her to come back. Surely Negan v Georgie is the long term story line?
  19. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    No idea tbh, seems to be diverging from the comics. I got up to about here and things are very different.

    Wouldn't mind a Negan redemption tbh.
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  20. Botchie

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    Me as well. I think it's great how we can speculate and have our own theories now though.

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