The walking dead season 10

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It has, but still nowhere near as good as the point you jacked in.
Glen going out of it was the turning point for it going downhill.

Disagree mate. Whilst it’s improved ten fold in last two seasons, it’s still nowhere near as good as it was.
fake death
was the beginning of the end imho
If The Walking Dead is now at season ten, then surely it will reach a point before long where the dead outnumber the living by so much that the numbers of living will become inconsequential, at which point the programme becomes just "The Walking".
Well I'm still really enjoying it, Samantha Morton is fabulous as Alpha - really scary woman. Last nights episode was mint, I've stuck with it for years and will watch it until it reaches a conclusion.
I must say I agree entirely with @Some Random Guy , the farm season was my least favourite, absolute bollocks.