The walking dead season 10


It moved forward a day so its available to watch from Sunday mornings now. I've watched the last 4 eps on Sunday afternoon when I realised.
Shit episode... was that meant to be a mid season finale as well?
What chanel
I use Cinema HD an app on Android. If you don't have an Android and have a PC/Laptop you can download Bluestacks which is an Android emulator then install Cinema HD onto there.

SAFC Wilks

They’ve a habit of doing shit mid-season/season finales like.

Remember the one for the end of series 9? Going from beheadings in episode 15 to a snow trek in episode 16. What a disappointment.


Michonne just deciding to fuck off on a boat with a stranger who 2 minutes previously to that she had no trust with. Also if it's only a four day round trip, why say so many goodbyes? Any kind of leader would always send someone else. The zombie pit ending seemed a bit of a cop out. At least Gabriel finally grew a set and actually done something.