The UK Banking Industry

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I know more about banks and the banking system than you could ever know mate

Yes, of course we could do without it but it’ll never happen. Think about it, banks don’t carry the total value of all the currency held on the planet, stock markets trade in god knows’s all virtual, it’s all hearsay and witches potion shit...but, we’re brainwashed to believe the world will end if banks fail. It’s all bollocks mate. Trust me. For millennia people managed without banks and survived. Banks appeared a few hundred years ago, what’s happened since? Capitalism, communism, greed and selfishness on an almost global scale.

Fuck the banks
The Knights Templar created banking during the crusades.
There are similar issues with insurance companies as well. Different side of the same coin (to put it simplistically).
.... and very politely considering how they behave. Are you one of them?
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