The thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) may have been rediscovered

Jon Dough

the juveniles look very similar imo.
He actually says there's no ambiguity whatsoever regarding the young animal on the trail-cam SIM card, it's got everything including the stripes and hock a thylacine has, bet he is glad he didn't bet the house on it.
Juvenile pademelon.
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Monty Pigeon

I can understand the confusion...

This is also a pademelon. Thylacines are/were marsupials, and share a common ancestor with pademelons/kangaroos.

(I wonder if the bloke who set the camera trap shared all the photos that were on it. I've done a lot of camera trap work, and if you get a sequence of one animal, there'll often be one shot in which - in isolation - the identity would be hard to determine. As with the loch ness monster/big foot etc, its remarkable how the quality of thylacine shots hasn't matched the radical improvement in technology. All too often, the shots are distant, or blurry, or partially obscured.)


Monty Pigeon

Incidentally, if anyone's interested in getting involved in analysing camera trap footage, there are projects you can take part in at There's currently one project on the go from Australia. Basically you sift through hundreds of pics and attempt to identify the species from a list.

Although I've had two stints watching wildlife in the Aussie bush, I really struggle with the smaller marsupials (quokkas, pademelons, quolls, woylies, wallabies etc). Africa is my comfort zone.


Get them Big Foot Hunters or the Ghost Adventurers on the case man off Freeview, they ALWAYS find something..............................

PS The bloke on the original vid sounds like hes about to become extinct nivver mind the Thylacine.