The thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) may have been rediscovered

Monty Pigeon

That's pretty amazing. I know it was believed that they became extinct a lot later than originally thought.
There were unconfirmed reports of spoor into the 90s, but the lack of sightings and roadkill didn't augur well. A few years ago there was excitement about possible sightings in northern Queensland, but nothing seems to have come of them.

Monty Pigeon

Twenty years ago I spent time in Tasmania looking for wild Tasmanian devils (and found plenty). Nick Mooney was one of the people I travelled with. Everyone had hopes that there might still be thylacines, but I don't think they really believed it was possible. For there to be a viable population you'd expect there to be regular evidence.

That said, if there's one place on earth a population of large mammals could hide, it's in the forested mountains of Tasmania.

vote quimby

I know, slightly different place, but to think of all the animals they lost to wildfires recently and then to find one they'd thought to be extinct for so long would be some much needed great news. Its brilliant this if true.


Incredible if confirmed. For ninety years it was thought extinct.

Just made public an hour ago: a member of a thylacine research group revealing that he thinks they have photos of three individuals in the wild.

Was watching a film on YouTube a few year ago with Forrest Gallante and he was adamant they’re still about in Papua New Guinea and Tasmania where they previously lived. In 2018 they found a new dog species in PNG so no surprise this is the case. Great news and hope they’re right.