The Super spoilery Star Wars : The Last Jedi spoilers thread *don't even put your mouse over it*

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Exile, Dec 14, 2017.

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    I haven't defended it, I said it was a bit shit.
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    Why would there be. Its a kids film.

    Why do you really want to see shagging in a star wars film?

    I've really enjoyed the Disney star wars films so far. They've done a decent job.
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  3. I don't want to see it. I was just saying that I thought it would be a Game Of Thrones Star Wars, without the sex.

    I would not have minded have a scene in 'The Last Jedi' where Poe walks in on Admiral Purple Hair munching off Princess Leia though. It would have meant there was at least one interesting thing in the film.
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    Those guys at HISHE finally managed to get uploaded....

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    You know, that actually made more sense!

    Just the right time length too....
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  6. If they had actually filmed it that way, what a difference it would have made to the film. Putting Admiral Ackbar in charge would have resulted in a vastly superior film for starters.
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  7. It seems like a large part of the plot for 'The Last Jedi' was either plagiarised from a fan fiction. At the very least it was used without giving credit to the author:

    Something You Should Know about The Last Jedi

    The story just not seem to have got much attention. I certainly do not think anything has been covered in the mainstream media.
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    Until alex jones or trump shares the link I fail to see it’s legitimacy...
  9. What is that supposed to mean?
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    What if "Streetsolo" was a Disney writer and he/she put this out to gauge fans reactions?
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    Completely off topic but the lad that plays Fin was good friends with Damilola Taylor and was one of the last to see him alive.
  12. Isn't that a bit of a stretch given that the 'writer' was supposedly Rian Johnson, and given the effort they put into keeping every plot point secret, and that 'Streetsolo' had quite a long standing reputation in fan fiction circles? I could accept the possibility that they saw the plot, liked it and paid the author for the usage without giving credit. My suspicion is that the reality is that Rian Johnson is an absolute chancer, he did not have a clue what to do, and rather than do the decent thing and refuse the writing role and just direct the thing, he started pilfering other's ideas. It is amazing how many people get away with blatant plagiarism, even after it has been pointed out for what it is.
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    Star Wars is a teduious formula now. The ending will be a minor cliff hanger designed to pull punters into the cinema come the next tired installment.
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    Johnson has written decent material prior to TLJ, harsh calling him a chancer.
  15. Yeah but female Ghostbusters, wah wah wah
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    I liked it me, was the most fun id had watching Star Wars for a long time.
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    No fun allowed on the antifun board.
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    possibly the most accurate post, and it only took 43 pages....
  19. You are the one trying to push the idea that the massive criticism directed at the film on sites like Rotten Tomatoes is an 'alt-right conspiracy'. Like I said earlier in the thread, you have done nothing to justify that, and you can not explain how still, every single day there is an continuing flow of extremely negative reviews, many of which make little references to any political dogma.

    I think the insane positive reviews that can from the Press and mainstream media was another stepping stone to towards the old media eating itself. I think people such as yourself underestimate the huge number of people that are simply losing faith in it. You keep bringing up the Ghostbusters thing. It is not like the Ghostbusters being female was the cause for the problem. The reason there was a problem was twofold:

    1, Because there was a perception that there was an arbitrary decision to replace men with women in the film when the majority of the fans were desperate to see the original characters again.

    2, Because the film was absolutely shockingly bad, something that the trailer could not even cover up and which was absolutely obvious it was going to be when you saw the trailer.

    Are you arguing that the Ghostbusters reboot was a good film that was only dismissed because it had a female cast? Because it was an utterly shit film. Staggeringly shit. It was not even good as a chick flick. I think that 'Bridesmaids' is passable as a chick flick, but it is Citizen Kane compared to 'Ghostbusters'. There were plenty of women ready testify to how bad it was:

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