The Super spoilery Star Wars : The Last Jedi spoilers thread *don't even put your mouse over it*

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  1. Funnily enough, not hugely. Have to give credit where it's due to Richie C, Morgan's stuff often comes across a bit pedestrian and made-for-TV in other hands
  2. Whether you think it is there or not might depend on your own political perspective. There is definitely something going on with Disney. For me 'The Last Jedi' was the point at which it became abundantly clear that they were pushing Star Wars towards a Marvel style SJW motivated post-modern mire. There were a few pointers in 'The Force Awakens' (Han and Leia being separated for example), and Rogue One seemed to some extent have had some of that forced upon it, but The Last Jedi is really just propaganda for a very twisted outlook that just wants to shit all over an escapist film. You can not even hide from the miserable bastards in a galaxy far, far away.

    I don't think the approach can last much longer because the reality is that even the casual followers of the film by and large rejected it, and the executives will eventually realise that their executive producers are using their properties to push their ideology at the studio's cost. Then they will start sacking the senior producing management and maybe they might bring some real talent to produce their works.

    Personally, I would have given the trilogy to Jo Cornish, a supreme talent who seems to be perpetually sidelined by the industry, who has absolutely no interest in pushing a political agenda. It is not like the likes of Kathleen Kennedy are not aware of him as he directed Boyega in his big screen debut 'Attack the Block' the film that won him the role in Star Wars (also starring the new Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker). They are frightened of Cornish as he was a self-made man in the industry, who did not rely on favours or film school buddies to get his breaks. He is capable of skewering political dogma by exclusion.

    I think the Han Solo film is going to be average but passable, ultimately staid and boring. I think Alden Ehrenreich was a good casting choice (I actually had seen him in something a few years ago and thought that would be a good role for him) but in the teasers he looks like he is acting pretty wooden. I would guess that is going to be another film ruined by reshoots and interfering with the direction. There were reports that Kasdan and Kennedy were complaining that the original directors were not shooting multiple angles to give room for choice in the edit, which is the point where it sounds like the directors rightfully told them quite firmly to fuck off. They could obviously see the meddling that was coming down the line. It sounds like the original directors wanted to make a film with firm decisions and Disney/Lucasfilm just tried to shit all over them. George Lucas and Irving Kershner were both very committed in their shot selection, as any decent director should be.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Ron Howard's direction under Kennedy and Kasdan's edict is going to suck all of the joy out of the film. Kasdan is considered Star Wars royalty, but it is a real royal fuckup to let the man on the set. I think Emilia Clarke is a terrible piece of casting, as is Thandie Newton. It is like there are only about four people they cast in every film. I would not have cast Woody Harrelson as he is just Woody Harrelson in everything he does.
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    A what?
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    I stumbled across this yesterday. Basically Star Wars was quite slow and lacking tension so they re-edited it, swapped stuff around and make almost a new film:
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    What has a political perspective have to do with star wars?
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    Thandie Newton is astonishingly good in Westworld for someone who previously showed nothing like that kind of ability.

    Woody Harrelson is from the established Hollywood tradition of playing every different character the same. Bogart, Wayne, Connery, Keitel, Eastwood.
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    I couldn't really care less about the whole SJW thing, whether a character is of a different race or a girl I couldn't care less as long as the story is good and The Last Jedi is without doubt the worst Star Wars movie. Plot holes galore, awful acting and a real feeling of missing those star wars'y moments. That storyline... eurgh.

    I hated that movie and I'm not just slating Disney star wars as a whole, rogue one was actually my favourite movie of all the star wars films and I'm including Empire.
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    So like rian Johnson then?

    Do agree tho that joe Cornish would’ve been a great choice, but working with a studio the size of Disney is always going to have its restrictions.

    Was really excited when rian Johnson got the gig and really disappointed when I saw the film.

    Agree too the Ron Howard is the completely wrong choice for the Han Solo film.
  10. It's the latest hobby horse for angry internet people who think that slightly more prominent roles for women and ethnic minorities and occasionally too touchy-feely themes and opinions is the worst thing that has ever happened to western civilization, while an outbreak of far right hate speech and death and rape threats is something we can just overlook.
    Also fun and ironic: the new Trumpoloid activists never had a problem when Disney was run by an actual Nazi
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    I’m hopeful he’ll come out with something decent, seems has managed to reshoot a large amount of the screen time.
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    How could you not include Nicolas Cage in that list!
    TBF, WH is very stylistically different in the Hunger Games from White Men Can't Jump, no?
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    his backstory (granted expanded universe so no longer canon) always had him as joining the imperials.

    he was at the academy before he was dismissed, lots of little things like an aversion to authority and crazy flying, and 1 big thing (saving a certain hairy co-pilot)
  14. It is unmistakable that 'The Last Jedi' is overtly in service of political dogma of the SJW variety. They even shoehorned a whole sequence in that does absolutely nothing for the story where they go to a gambling planet where we discover that capitalism is evil, where animals and small children are mistreated (because rich people are evil) and where they literally set all of the animals free. They had Luke Skywalker practically sucking milk straight from the teat of the thing from the interlude of Monty Python's 'The Meaning of Life', deliberately trying to make it as gross as possible to push a very narrow vegan/animal rights agenda.

    Every man was written to be pathetic or useless, every woman is written like she is infallible, and it is not a freshly trodden path because EXACTLY the same thing has happened in Marvel's comics some time ago. As a result the circulations started to plummet, just like the income from Star Wars is starting to plummet, and they are actually starting to cancel titles. I mean, just look at the whole plot with Poe basically being turned into a bumbling idiot and that idiotic purple haired character that made no sense being used to slap him down for absolutely no reason. There was no swashbuckling in that film. There was no 'all for one and one for all'. It was a post-modernist pile of crap, where they took everything anybody likes about the films and said "no you can't have that, we are post-modern, we tear up all structures and we have to make everything miserable and ugly and disappointing, and shit over everything you like then you have to endure our shitty anti-quality tripe fest"

    I think that the film is going to be part of an important tool of social change. Like I said to you earlier in the thread, some of the strongest negative reactions to the film are from people that regard themselves as feminists. You only look have to at the number of women on Youtube that completely hate it to see that something is going on here. There are a lot of people that were letting the SJW bollocks wash over them, but now they are saying "Hang on a minute, you fucked with Star Wars. No no no, you don't that. Get back in your fucking box." A lot of the people that like the film seem to very much like it because it reinforces an SJW outlook, which is great for people such as yourself that obviously gravitate to that sort of thinking. But on the positive side, it is motivating a lot of people who can see that the film is a pile of shit to say "ok, that is enough, I don't want this kind of thinking forced on me, and I don't want it to be infecting any area of my life, or come to think of it, my children's education."

    It is interesting that the Chinese have laughed the film out of the cinemas, and that many of the reviews over there have claimed it to be a piece of propaganda for a very particular narrow political outlook.

    I am not a 'Trumpoloid activist' and when was Disney ever run by a Nazi? Or are we talking about the SJW definition of a Nazi, which seems to mean anyone that believes in the importance of freedom of good natured debate? I am quite a well studied historian of the animation industry and quite highly critical of the conduct Disney from the 1990's onwards (including being involved with the project to restore for archive otherwise lost elements from one masterpiece production Disney had a hand in killing), so you are going to have to come up with some actual facts to support that claim. It seems like some people saw a joke on 'The Simpsons' and decided it must be true. The closest I have seen to any association is Art Babbit claiming that Disney attended some meetings of the German American Bund, but that is not evidence of anything. I've attended all sorts of meetings, because I want to know what the deal is with them. Remember, people did not know what Nazism was until after we knew what it was. Chaplin lamented one of his most highly rated films 'The Great Dictator' because he had no idea how bad things were at the time of production, and he felt his film fell a long way short of giving any idea of what the regime was doing. Even the likes of Fritz Lang who left in a hurry after getting close to a few key people in the regime, and whose wife remarried into the regime, had no idea how bad it was, and he was there when they came to power and was approached by Goebbels first hand to make films for the state.

    Walt Disney was never on record as doing anything remotely in support of the Nazi regime, and his philosophies seemed to be in direct conflict with the key features of Nazism. Disney were active in producing animation to support the American war effort ('Education for Death' and Donald Duck's 'Der Fuehrer's Face' being notable examples) and made something approaching 65 odd hours of film for war departments at cost price.
  15. All those paragraphs, and anyone with any sense stopped there
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    Anyone with sense would have ignored it.
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    The Chinese.

    A great bunch of lads.
  18. Are you not one of the most 'anti-racist' people on here? It sounds like you are making some kind of racist comment here.
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    A Thor marra

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