The Super spoilery Star Wars : The Last Jedi spoilers thread *don't even put your mouse over it*

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Exile, Dec 14, 2017.

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    Spoilers everywhere folks, so don't open the thread then whinge about spoilers. I can't be arsed putting everything in tags, it takes ages. Spoilers spoilers spoilers. Do not open if you don't want to be spoiled.
    Just back. First half hour good, last half hour to 45 minutes really good, but what was that in the middle? Just stuff happening for no real reason. Bizarre. Characters completely wasted.

    Grumpy Old Luke is fucking brilliant.

    The First Order must be genuinely evil mind, Hux's Adjutant is Eddie Hitler.

    Yoda cameo a proper punch the air moment.

    What the fuck Leia? Why not just kill her off there, use her death as the macguffin to bring Luke back and work the story around that. How are they going to resolve this?

    Benicio Del Torres' was completely wasted in a part that should have been Lando Calrissian really.

  2. Tex

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    Haway man spoilers FFS I haven’t seen it yet. Grrrrrrr. :evil:
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  3. I'll wait for the video release

    @Eddie Hitler
  4. Got a feeling that Benny the Bull has a bigger role to play in episode IX, I was disappointed with Phasma looked good but did nothing of note, a bit like the Force Awakens really.
  5. dcl0sc

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    I left really disappointed...:(
  6. The Exile

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    I wasn't disappointed - it was probably worth going for Luke alone - but I felt there was an awful lot that could have been done an awful lot better. I can't help but feel that where they left Abrams alone to get on with it, Johnson had to put up with all sorts of meddling.
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  7. Iceman97

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    Really really enjoyed the film. Better than The Force Awakens which I thought was 5 stars.

    Was surprised to see so much criticism on social media afterwards, but ah whey. I loved it at the end of the day.
  8. HebburnMackem

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    Does the big pew pew lazors ball blow up again? :rolleyes:
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  9. No they have a big pew pew laser dildo that they drag to a convenient abandoned rebel base.
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  10. Bamber

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    Didnt go the way I thought it would like, I was expecting Ren to kill either Luke or Leia leading Rey killing Snoke & Ren in Ep9.

    As it stands, god knows what will happen in the next one. Other than Rey vs Kylo theres not much else, no Luke or Leia,
  11. Twisted

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    aye it was a bit odd like. they've now killed off the original characters who are still alive, but left the one who is actually dead alive.

    the first 10-20 minutes featured some of the worst acting i've ever seen. that ginger lad is dire.

    overall i enjoyed it, i didn't mind this so called middle bit, the start was shite for me and i thought it was going nowhere but happy enough by the end.

    although it tried far too hard to get laughs all the way through, quite a bit of cringey moments. massively for bairns, which is fair enough, think it'll snare a new generation with this effort. half decent enough for the adults, no great great for bairns. as it should be i suppose, as that is the target audience i imagine
  12. Ren Shags Rey and a half dark half light child is born bringing balance to the force!
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  13. Twisted

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    leaving me with a free run at the portly oriental lass? bonza
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  14. Yes as Fin and Po will become gay lovers which is why he was so shocked when she kissed him.
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  15. xmfd

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    Thought it was class me, enjoyed all of the way through. A few daft bits but nothing that spoiled the film. The fight with ren and rey together against snokes men was good. A nice twist with luke being a force hologram, totally didn't see it coming. Don't know what they'll do with Carrie fisher now. I reckon the next one will begin with her funeral perhaps?
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  16. Bit disappointed with Snoke being killed in that manner like
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  17. I thought it was utter shite......Johnson wants to stick to directing and not writing.

    No Knights of Ren, Rey's back story, Snoke killed, Leia as Mary Poppins, Luke as the Matrix, No Saber on Saber, etc, etc....

    Disney have killed Star Wars!
  18. @BIG BAZ asked me the significance of the kid picking up the broom at the end, On second viewing he doesn’t pick the broom up he holds out his hand and the broom goes to his hand.
  19. conrad

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    Loved it. Reckon the next one will take place after 10-20 years, in which time the rebellion get their numbers back up and leia dies off screen.

    Best part was Yoda rocking up like. Muppet anarl instead of the cgi shite
  20. xmfd

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    Noticed that at the end as well, thought I was seeing things
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