The Streaker RIP

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I can't add a post onto the 'RIP Streaker' thread as it's in the Gold forum now.....

I met the Streaker/Jim at an away match (Rotherham?) about 11 or 12 years ago when he was dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, then after moving to Penshaw had a drink with him now & again. Like lots of others on the SMB, he also sorted my mortgage out.
I went to the crem yesterday for his send-off. When I say I was there for Jim's send-off, I was actually there for two services.
Although I knew Jim personally, and during his service also realized I knew the faces of some of his family, I hadn't put the two together. So, when I arrived there was a coffin going into the crem being carried by a pall-bearer who also lives in Penshaw. It seemed like a relatively small turn-out & after a quick glace around I was thinking I didn't recognize anyone else from Penshaw but maybe a lot of people couldn't get time off work? So in I went right at the back - the doors closing behind me.
"We are to celebrate the life of Dorris...." "Bugger" I thought - my already bowed head bowing further.
I felt a lot of sadness for Dorris - no prayers, no reading, a 30 second eulogy then a Dorris Day song (I think) as the mourners filed out.
Outside, the crowd was gathering for Jim's service - faces I recognised! Well attended.
A letter written by his daughter was read-out explaining the Jurassic Park music as the coffin entered the crem chosen by her as they loved to watch the film together; a poem by his sister; and a letter from @It's Him Again / Colin remembering that occasion they were dressed as turtles, drunken nights in the Grey Horse and Jim's streaking activity in the same pub.
After the service, a good spread was on at the Prospect back in Penshaw, and after a few beers there, we moved round to the Grey Horse to toast his memory.
Jim was a man who cared for and looked after other people - and he also liked a good chuckle.
I'd like to think he arranged my presence at Dorris's service specially to boost the numbers & is having a laugh about it now.
RIP to you both..........
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