The sol improvements


Fans back in is all I care about. Get a decent side playing in it each week and you'll not hear the speaker system anyway for the noise.

To me though all that shit about paint etc can wait until preseason, just concentrate entirely on anything that can get us out of this division this season.
Seems a good time to start it imo. No fans in this season so gives plenty of time to get it right.


A full stadium is all I care about. To achieve that, the team just need to start winning. Forget the rest for now.

In the long term I would like us to look at the lower bowl. It’s not very pleasant when you are sandwiched in a concrete box and can’t get served at the bar. Not sure what the solution is but it wasn’t very well planned out. Need more space. I think that plays a part in why people leave for half time and full time “beat the rush”