The SMB Movie thread


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Dora the Explorer....watched it with 9 yr old daughter and she loved it, nothing really to dislike and an easy watch, quicksand, snakes, spikey traps, treasure....think Tomb raider or Indiana Jones for young kids...6.5/10
Knives out....Slow well made movie with excellent cast. I though Daniel Graigs US Accent might be naff but it's ok. Couldn't quite keep the tension going for the whole movie though & got a bit messy 7/10
Le Mans 66. Very good indeed. Can't say I'm massively into cars, but you don't need to be. Just a very good story and film. Bale is superb as well and really, really funny. 8.5/10.
Just seen its over 2 1/2 hours, does it drag at all? my arse tends to go to sleep after about 2 hours
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48 Christmas Wishes.. Wife (no) and our 8 yr old grandaughter watched it today and gave it an 8/10.. I was watching Stelling.. 6/10


Wonder (2017), finally managed to watch this on Thursday. What a wonderful feel good film. I think the room was getting dusty at the end. (9/10)

Death At A Funeral (2010), fairly decent remake of the English film of the same name. Quite a few laugh out loud moments. (6/10)

Alladin (2019) Not as bad as I was expecting, actually quite liked this more than the Disney original. Was a bit slow to get going but very watchable (Jasmine still a wad) (8/10)

Reign Of The Supermen (2019) - Follow up to last year’s Death Of Superman. A bit of a slow burner but action picks towards the end. Quite like DC’s animated stuff, they do it a lot better than their live action DCU films. (6/10)

Dumbo (2019) TBH never liked the original, so was expecting not to like this but found it really enjoyable. Lovely story and such a nice feel good film. Decent cast too which probably helped. (9/10)

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (2018) Based on the DC Elseworlds graphic novel. An alternative take on Batman set in Victorian era Gotham City. Batman investigates a killer dubbed Jack The Ripper. Quite a good adaptation with a good twist at the end. (7/10)