The SMB Movie thread

DJ Doubt

Day 13:

The Return of the Living Dead – 8/10

One of the very best zombie films of the eighties. I feel ashamed that I have only recently seen it for the first time. I particularly loved the first 45mins or so where the comedy and excitement is completely character driven. It builds momentum and ends up a comedic farce with one of the most over-elaborate, bleak endings ever.


The Dark Knight
A rewatch to cater for the missus, (no) as she’s not seen heath in joker mode. Very good batman shizzle, gadgets, baddies, plot and THE JOKER in a benchmark- setting performance by the late mr ledger

In The Tall Grass
A big screen adaption of stephen king’s book collab with his son, in which a brother and sister answer a cry for help in a field of grass :-/
Bizarre, and king-esque with a initially interesting story but then gans shite


Central Defender
Shaun the sheep farmageddon. A roller coaster ride of cutting edge plasticine action.

Actually quite watchable, especially for the references to science fiction hidden away


Judy 9/10

zelwegger is amazing in it. Very sad life Judy led. Nice break from the marvel et al bollox. Left me wanting to know and research a lot more about her.
I did this the other way around, for some reason (can't remember what now) I found myself researching her a few months ago, it could have been around the time Doris Day died, but anyway that research made me want to go and see the film, and I'm glad I did. You're right, Zelwegger is amazing, she seems to capture the spirit of Judy very well. Thoroughly enjoyed it, 8.5/10.

DJ Doubt

Day 14:

Christine – 7.5/10

John Carpenter adapts a Stephen King novel about a car that was born evil. Filmed in the same neighbourhood as Halloween, this has all the trappings that define a great Carpenter flick. I particularly loved the use of old 50's/60's rock 'n' roll tracks made to sound sinister and creepy.

It's one of those films that should be awful but thanks to the craftmanship that went into its production, it is fantastic. It even features a typically brilliant performance from Harry Dean-Stanton.

Marty Moose

Halloween (2018). Absolute guff, and a dull, tedious and unnecessary retread. No idea how it garnered the critical praise it did. Nodded off three times watching it.
Possum (2018). Decent enough, but probably not enough material to justify a full length feature.


Hobbs and Shaw

The Rock and the bloke from Transporter try to save the world from a deadly virus. Luther plays a baddie.

Enjoyable nonsense for a Monday off work. 6.5/10