The SMB Movie thread


Watched a film called Spacewalkers. Russian flick about the first space walk in history. Was a bit melodramatic at times but the tension was maintained throughout and I enjoyed it. A bit like a Russian Gravity but based on factual events. Looking into it after the film, I was introduced to the term phantom cosmonaut which allegedly covers people lost in space under failed Soviet space launches.


DJ Doubt

Day 11:

Slight change of pace. Watched two Docs.

First one was 'Horror Noire' on Shudder. It's a history of black horror movies, charting the evolution of Black representation in horror films. Going from the early days, through the blacksploitation period, right up till present day with Jordan Peele talking about 'Get Out'. A good watch and very insightful.

The other was 'Swallowed Souls: The making of Evil Dead II'. If you're unfamiliar with the trilogy, watch it asap. If you know the films well you will love this feature. Its actually longer than the film itself and features plenty of Bruce Campbell. Highlight of the doc is easily the effects guys. So much invention and craftsmanship on display. Watching the filming from behind the scenes makes it look so corny. It's amazing how they bring it to life onscreen through editing/post production.
JOKER - 9/10

The way in which it was filmed was very clever, the era in which it was set, the violence, the portrayal of his demise.
Joaquin Phoenix did all previous joker’s justice. A comic book film like no other.

My Boy Harry

The wandering earth
8 out of 10

Chinese science fiction film - enjoyed it

The ghosts of mars
8 out of 10

Watched it a dozen times but a cheesy all action film. Worth checking out

The prince of tides
10 out of 10

Barbra Streisand and nick nolte

Fantastic film and one of my all time favourites. Both give superb displays
I spit on your grave (2010)

7/10 I like my horror films but the prolonged rape scene was harrowing to watch but she does get major revenge and that is what makes this film worth watching, cant beat a good revenge thriller.

DJ Doubt

Day 12:

The Ritual - 7/10

A group of middle aged Brits decide to go for a walk in the woods and cross paths with an ominous presence. Ended up enjoying this a lot. Good performances from Rafe Spall and Sam Troughton. It has a thick atmosphere of dread and there's a set-piece early on that freaked me out a lot. You know a horror film is doing its job properly when you need to watch something comedic afterwards for some levity before bedtime.

It ends up a bit silly and there is missed opportunity with Arsher Ali's character. There are a few others who are also massively underwritten. The script probably needed another draft or two. The first half is certainly stronger than the second but its a definite thumbs up.

Streaming on Netflix.


Joker - 9/10.

A masterpiece IMO, portrays the transition of Arthur Fleck into the Joker in a way that you feel not just see. Captures the genre of the story exceptionally well, I hope they go on to make more movies on the back of this one. Class.