The SMB Movie thread


The salvation. Good if you like “a good shoot out, like in a wesshhtun". Quite dark actually and has fucking Eric Cantona in it.. I shit you not. 🤠 :D
Red Sparrow-esque Russian assassin in odd tale of cover stories and killings. Beautiful lasses in it tho

The Ritual
Four friends head to Sweden on a hiking holiday after their pal is murdered, get lost and encounter witchcraft. Canny
I have just watched The Ritual and I rate it 7/10. It reminded me of Dog Soldiers I.e. British lads in the wilds. I prefer films with U.K. actors.
Watched "Death Becomes Her" last night (hadn't seen it since nigh on it first came out), canny enough film with decent special effects - give it a 6.5/10.
The Untouchables

Whilst checking out some of the cast bios on IMDb, didn’t know that the bloke who played the white suit assassin (Billy Drago - “Nitti”) died June this year.
Hobbs & Shaw - Is exactly what I expected, those to bouncing off one another with action, fighting, cars and explosions, quite funny in some places, take brain out and enjoy 6.5/10
The Long kiss goodnight, watching it for the second time (the first time was many years ago), great action packed film starring Geena Davis and Samuel L Jackson - give it a solid 8.5/10 as its mint.

Fred Army

Decent slow burner of a horror flick.
Drags a bit in places but has a great final act.

French horror flick.
Critics loved it, I didn't.