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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    It would have been 0/10 without Velma. She's lovely. :p

    Scrappy wasn't in this one.
  2. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    He wasn’t? Ah right then no bother,
  3. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Escape Room - 5/10

    A mixture between Saw and Cube.
  4. Gone baby gone

    Thriller around missing kid in Boston, excellent 2007 directorial debut from Ben affleck.

    Gritty and a solid 8/10
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  5. weebil64

    weebil64 Winger

    Shazam! - 8/10 a film made with a smile on it's face.
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  6. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    Right that's my Tuesday film sorted. Cheers!
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  7. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    great film, even better book.
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  8. WCC

    WCC Central Defender

    Major League 1989 - Had never heard of this but it was pretty good sports comedy film starring Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen 7/10
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  9. maygo

    maygo Winger

    Last few weeks viewing-


    Started off canny, quite creepy. Then the story went shite. Liked the twist though

    Pet Semetary

    Liked this one a lot, as a massive fan of SK I like to see how people interpret his stories. Thought it was very creepy, and again liked when it takes a different path to the byuk

    Free Solo

    Enjoyable and breathtakingly shot story of one mentalist’s desire to climb El Capitan without any ropes. The lad seems to have some issues with intimacy, looks awkward around his lass- but no such issues when on a cliff face. 3000 feet without a safety back up, well worth a watch
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  10. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone Midfield

    Smile. 1975 Michael Ritchie Beauty Pageant satire. Disappointing, as his other films I've watched are great. 6/10
  11. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    watched this last night, was better than I expected, havent seen saw but it was definitely like a bigger budget version of CUBE
  12. the veteran

    the veteran Midfield

    The Dirt a solid 7/10 for me....enjoyed it, missed quite a lot out off the book but the squirt scene probably used up all the rating :lol:
  13. Fred Secrets

    Fred Secrets Striker

    Ibiza Undead.

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  14. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    Saw it yesterday in 3d with the bairn. Loved it. A weird cross between Deadpool and Big! 8/10 from me also.
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  15. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Copying Marvel and trying to inject a bit of humour into their films. About time anarl. I was starting to think DC stood for Depressing C***s.
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  16. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Dragged Across Concrete 8/10 2nd viewing some really outrageous film making that. The last half of the film is quite different to the first half and its on for ages. Cant stop thinking about Jenifer Carpenter her scenes really blew me away.

    I was convinced Don Johnson was one of the baddies.
    What was that sniper scene all about, was he having a laugh?

    Apparently Mel Gibson had to release this film under his ICON entertainment film company so it looks like the big cats in Hollywood wont give him the time of day. Needs clarifying.
  17. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    Escape Room - 6.5/10
  18. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    There's a film out today called "The Upside" starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, it's a remake of the brilliant French film "The Intouchables".

    If you're thinking of watching either watch The Intouchables. The remake is an insult to the original. They've replaced subtle French humour with Kevin fucking Hart jokes. :rolleyes:
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  19. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    I saw the trailer and thought it would be shite since I was a big fan of the original French movie. Thanks for confirming my belief.
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  20. I watched one of the worst films I’ve ever seen the other night. Cell starring John Cusack and SLJ.

    Puls (2016) - IMDb

    Laughably bad.

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