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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. TouchSAFC

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    Tag - comedy about 5 friends still playing ‘tiggy’ at 40 to stay in touch in adulthood. Watched on a plane to pass the time but still enjoyed it. Good cast - Jeremy renner, Isla Fisher, that dude out of the hangover 7/10
  2. Shite. Based on true story like. But wasn’t buying it like.
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  3. mickyw

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    This is England


    Seen this a fair few times now but decided to watch it again after seeing Thomas Turgoose got married recently. I reckon most people will have seen it but it's about a disillusioned kid making friends with a gang of skinheads. Really well directed by Shane Meadows but the thing that makes this film what it is is the stellar acting from the cast, namely Stephen Graham. Gonna have to watch the mini series tonight now.....
  4. niknak_123

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    The 12th Man

    Cracking Norwegian film about true story of a saboteur during WW2 who tries to escape capture from the Germans with the help of the Norwegian people

    8.5 /10. Possibly a 9/10
  5. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone Midfield

    Green Book. So so. Vigo Mortenson horribly miscast. 6/10.
  6. JonnotheMackem

    JonnotheMackem Striker

    Cracking film, and the series were good as well.

    Bird Box

    Watched it the other day to see what the fuss was about. It was very good, and the scenes where everyone was going mad were tremendous. The man that entered halfway through acted superbly.

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  7. The Favourite

    Strange but brilliantly done alternative version of a historical drama. Barry Lyndon with handjobs

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  8. ajsafc

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    Aye it's all good.:cool:
  9. JRisthenewfergie

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    That should be on the poster :D
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  10. Albay3037

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    Bumblebee. I am not ashamed to say that I loved this film, enjoyed this more than the last two Transformer films. Don't whether it was because it was set in the 80s and the 80s soundtrack, but had quite a nostalgic feel for me.

    The beginning was basically a whose who of classic Transformers ie Soundwave, Shockwave, Ravage, Cosmos etc

    Storyline was a hell of a lot better than the last two Transformer films, hopefully this will give it a fresh reboot.

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  11. the veteran

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  12. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    I started to watch a film called “Love” on Netflix. It started with a cumshot so I turned it off. I was on a plane.
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  13. niceonemarra

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    :lol: the first few minutes are full on porn
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  14. Maravilla

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    Wasn't particularly keen on the series but loved the film
  15. @AB22 Easy Tiger, Gaspar Noé.

    Gaspar Noé, @AB22 Easy Tiger
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  16. niknak_123

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    Not sure if it’s 100% accurate, but he come across as a bit of a ****

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  17. SAFCOldie

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    Aye, just recently found out that Jack O'Connell was in it anarl. I like these films that are based outside London & the big cities etc, it's not often you hear Notts/Lincs accents on TV which adds to the authenticity.

    Man caught watching porn during flight | Daily Mail Online

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  18. JRisthenewfergie

    JRisthenewfergie Goalkeeper

    Vice 7/10

    Biopic of Dick Cheney, with Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell
    Not as slick or as funny as The Big Short ( same writer/director) but worth a watch

    Blindspotting 9/10

    A character study about 2 childhood best friends, one has 3 days left on his parole and is trying to avoid being sent back to jail, and the other has anger issues and a massive chip on his shoulder.

    Loved it
  19. MSC

    MSC Winger

    Rambo 5 Last Blood supposedly due out - don’t know when exactly but Rambo takes on the Mexican drug cartels one last mission I think.
  20. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    stfu man :mad:

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