The SMB Movie thread


Bird Box, very long and a bit pointless. Sandra Bullock just proves whatever she is in, no matter how you polish it, shit is still shit. May have been better if a better actor was in it.



Subs Bench
Me and our lass watched Girl on the Train other night, doubt would watch it again, and she wants to watch that Bird Box later, reckons I’ll have a crafty sleep
Rust Creek 9/10

IFC Midnight

Its brilliant like I don't want to post a spoiler
but female Rambo first blood meets Breaking Bad


What an amazing movie, the soundtrack, cinematography and acting superb throughout! Never a dull moment, in fact I was enjoying it so much I didn't want it to end! I'm giving this gem of a movie 8, fantastic job to everyone involved.


blackkklansman 9/10
excellent film, really enjoyed it... starts off with some strong stuff but then goes lighthearted with some funny bits. it wasnt till the harry belafonte scene though that i realised the film was actually about about the current world, rather than the 70s... ends with some serious shit to remind you that the world can easily slip back to where it once was.