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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Dagzd1973

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  2. :?:
  3. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon Striker

    Three Billboards - 9/10
    Detroit - 7/10
    Darkest Hour - 7/10
    Bright - 4/10
  4. Spy (2015) fucking loved it, class film, really funny in parts, class cast - 9/10, thoroughly enjoyed it :cool:.
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  5. Billy Rocket

    Billy Rocket Winger

    Oops it was Google Play.
  6. Dagzd1973

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  7. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    High Plains Drifter 9/10

    Seen it before but it's still class, like all of Clint Eastwoods westerns
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  8. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    Spy. Turned it off, so no score.
  9. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    The Fog (1970) - 7/10

    Watched this on the Horror Channel last night, haven’t seen it for a few years, still a canny film.
  10. Rickety Cricket

    Rickety Cricket Full Back

    Only the Brave 8/10

    True story based on the Granite Mountain Hotshot firefighters.

    Good cast too.
  11. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    Watched it for the first time last night on T.V. Very funny. I never thought I'd say this, but Jason Statham was class! He should only play this role in the future. Very good.
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  12. TIMMY

    TIMMY Midfield

    The Big Sick - decent enough for a relaxed Sunday evening - 7/10
  13. Chappers

    Chappers Striker


    Was okay.

    Back to see greatest showman this week for one final time.
  14. jackynutmeg

    jackynutmeg Winger

    The Ritual. 6.6/10
    Filled and hour and a half
  15. Valkyrie. 9/10 for me.

    The one thing about this film and the true story, is why did they take so long to come up with the plot to assassinate Hitler?

    Was it part that they knew the war was lost at that stage?
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  16. Belch

    Belch Midfield

    There were loads of failed attempts before Valkyrie. Think that they got their act together when they could see that the war as lost. The aristocrats in the army were fearing the communists taking over Germany & hoped that they could make a deal with the Western allies if they offed Hitler.
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  17. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Yes and no. I think.

    There was plenty of attempts iirc and yes this one was because they due the game was up and wanted the best possible deal for Germany. Whereas Hitler wanted to destroy Germany for losing.

    I think.
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  18. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    The ending man. "Ah, stop screaming, you loved it." :)
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  19. It was mint, I laughed my head off as I could imagine he was right ;). I did think she may have ended up bucking Peter Serafinowicz's character :lol:.
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  20. Junior Birdman

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