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The SMB Movie thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    Spiderman Homecoming - 8/10

    Stuck this on last night and really enjoyed it, Keaton was class as usual
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  2. TheManFromSunderland

    TheManFromSunderland Reserve Squad

    Blade Runner 2049

    Quality - considering it’s a sequel from a very old film, got the atmosphere from the first one spot on, decent story and good acting.
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  3. Walter White

    Walter White Central Defender

    Blade Runner 2049.

    Very good and definitely worth a watch
  4. HABA87

    HABA87 Midfield

    The Man With The Iron Heart, also marketed as the book title it's based on - HHhH which apparently means Himmlers Hirn heißt Heydrich ("Himmler's brain is called Heydrich").

    Not as good as Anthropoid.
  5. Pants

    Pants Winger

    Blade Runner 2049
    Alreet. Thought provoking, but I'm still not sure what the point of Jared Leto's character was. Nice sound.
  6. elder

    elder Striker

    Little Miss Sunshine while on holiday last week... left in the DVD player though, which is no reflection on the fillum.
  7. IT.

    5/10 the bits I was awake for.

    The appeal of watching clowns as entertainment wore off last season.
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  8. Billy Rocket

    Billy Rocket Winger

    Meet Joe Black 4/10. How they managed to pack all of that nothing into just 3 hours is a mystery to me.
  9. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Starts off as a documentary about an amateur cyclist trying to undergo a serious doping program to prove he can beat the system.
    Morphs into an intriguing follow of the Russian doctor oversawing the state sponsored doping program in Russia. Foul play, kgb shit, putin , FBI - all sorts. Bit clunky but fascinating content and access. Well recommended. 8/10
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  10. HABA87

    HABA87 Midfield

    Half way through IT.

    I'm having a right chuckle, Pennywise is brilliant.
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  11. BigPete

    BigPete Winger

    Good to hear I'll watch it then had a feeling was gonna be shite

    I was halfway through IT when seen it as a kid.
  12. Gi Joe, retaliation. 8/10, is there another of these being made?
  13. JGC

    JGC Full Back

    Lego batman earlier tonight. My 6 and 4 year olds both enjoyed it, me the wife and my 2 year old all thought it was shite
  14. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Just watched Sulley.
    Much better than expected. Sentimental shite really, but I don't mind that .
  15. Running Man

    Running Man Midfield


    Really enjoyed it, thought Mcavoy was class, and had no idea about the unbreakable link at the end aswel made it even better.
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  16. LiverBird

    LiverBird Full Back

    Does anyone know when the Jackie Chan movie ‘The foreigner’ is going to be released in the UK?
  17. The eagle has landed 9/10

    Old school stuff, which I thoroughly enjoy.

    Shame they did not make the follow up, the eagle has flown, by Jack Higgins

    2049 with blade runner
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  18. rockaway

    rockaway Striker

    Baby Driver, 7.5/10. Great sound track, great cast, great car stunts. Canny plot, endings a bit shan.

    Similar to Drive if you've seen that with Ryan Gosling.
  19. brir

    brir Winger

    Invisible Guest 9/10. Spanish film and you have to watch it closely, but well worth it
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  20. Albay3037

    Albay3037 Winger

    The Snowman. Very disappointed with this not as good as I was expecting, even through has a pretty decent cast. Very slow and takes ages to get going, also ending felt a bit rushed. 4/10
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