The SMB Movie thread 2020

Rise of Skywalker - 5/10

Love Star Wars, but can’t get away with the new films, I must be getting old. Find them just trying to regain the odd magic element of the originals in certain parts of the story. Then the rest is average story telling.🤷‍♂️
Bad Boys 3 - 6.5/10

Would have probably gave it higher but Martin Lawrence really distracted me, last I knew of him was in the Big Momma House films nigh on 20 year ago or something but has he had health issues? He just seemed to be speaking in slurred slow motion all the time in this might just be a age thing and I remember him being young and cocky.

Was a decent watch if you're bored anyway
Escape from Pretoria 7.6/10

A lot better than I was expecting. True story and one of Daniel Radcliffs better roles. Well worth watching.


Bad Boys For Life.

Cack. 3/10

They destroyed the character of Mike Lowery which is a minor shame.
Sort of Spy Kids spun with Fast and Furious with two old gadgees thrown into the mix. I'm fully expecting a Miami Ammo spin off.


Hook. I'm not sure if they made it long enough for a kids film at almost 2 and half hours.


The gang seemed to like it so 5/10.