The SMB Movie thread 2020


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Just got 2 filums from the charity shop in Alnwick -Dream House ( thriller) and Still Alice ( who the .. Alice?) -so it's a few beers and relax after our win .. have good weekend everyone

Unhinged ( 2020 ) - 7/10

Perfect Saturday night flick,daft Hollywood thriller but it never lets up and is a perfect 90 minutes. Last I saw of Russel Crowe he had a bit of a kite but fuck me hes piled it on now haha
Blockers- canny comedy starring John Cena and Leslie Mann with some really funny laugh out loud moments. Basically about how fucked up parents can be, I'd give it a 7/10 as I enjoyed it.

Just started watching Halloween on Film 4, one of the greatest horror films of all time (if you like a creepy slash and stalk).......gets a 9/10 from me.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - 10/10. Timeless classic. Perfect screenwriting and 2 incomparable leads. Perfect Sunday afternoon western.

On The Rocks - 4/10. This year’s Marriage Story. Pretentious arty bs that exists within it’s own twee reality.
His House - 5/10

Watched an hour of this and gave up, might have missed the best parts who knows but for a 90 minute film its should have held my attention. Started off canny as well


Not seen it in over 25. Very good cast - decent film. 8/10

True story with Ed Harris playing a high school football coach who takes a mentally challenged Cuba Gooding Jr under his wing. Never heard of the film before, but was canny good. 7.5/10
A few I have watched in the last week or so....

Now You See Me (Not bad, Isla Fisher is a canny distraction :) )

Now You See Me 2 (Not as good as the first one, found the Woody Harrelson dual role thing a bit irritating)

The Rock (Sean Connery and Nic Cage - talk about different ends of the acting scale!)

Total Recall (Arnie gets his arse to Mars)

The Invisible Man (Interesting filming, although science of the suit tech is very dodgy)


Tax collector.

Shia Le Bouef acts git hard as an enforcer for a Mexican crime gang until another Mexican crime gang come along.