The SMB Movie thread 2020


Just watched an extra on the dvd (yes, some of us still have a dvd collection 😃) which stated that Cagney inserted that phrase as he'd observed someone on the street use it. Also that Leo Gorcey (you'll know the Dead End Kid I mean) tried to upstage Cagney by ad libbing, until Cagney told him to quit or he'd flatten him. 😀
I can remember the first time I saw this on telly sometime in the 70s. Was still classed as a more adult film even then. Had an immediate impact on the young me. Cagney is magnificent.
Just watch "Letter to Brezhnev" fucking brilliant film
Any of the older set remember it
Aye, made a 'star' out of Margi Clarke.
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Official Secrets 7/10

Its an easy watch and quite fast paced. I already knew what was going on behind the scenes before watching it.

shite. Cramming too much into two hours. Multiple scenes a few seconds long trying to piece together the whole episode from petal harbour to the battle of midway.

shite 3/10
The Rise of Skywalker - watched it with the bairn today and we thoroughly enjoyed it, great Star Wars film and I'd give it a solid 8.5/10, had a little cry at the end anarl.


Going to watch Little Joe tonight. No idea what to expect but will let you all know. Sci-fi number about some sort of sinister plant or something...
Last two films I’ve watched both have the whole three stories in one movie vibe to them.

The Place Behind The Pines & Cat’s Eye.

Still enjoyed both.