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I love reading Wiki while I’m watching a film, especially biopics. Annoys the hell out of the wife while we are watching a film and I am reading the synopsis and the trivia. “Why? Why? Put that tablet down and watch the f*cking film!” :lol: (She got really pissed off when I used to do it at the cinema)
No harm done mate. I wasn't gonna watch it anyway like. :lol: ;)

All the money in the world - 7/10 True story about the richest bloke in the world refusing to pay a ransom for his grandson. Was decent.

The new mutants - 5/10 Enjoyed the first half of the film, thinking it was heading in a fresh direction, but the second half is typical superhero fare.

Queen and Slim - 6/10 I had relatively high hopes for this but found it quite dull, and it felt like it was following a predictable path. I liked Daniel Kaluuya, thought he was excellent in Get Out and Black Mirror.

12 years a slave - 8/10 Absolutely harrowing story based off the true story of a free black man who gets kidnapped and sold into slavery. Me and our lass both loved it but agreed we wouldn't wanna watch it again.

Saint Maud - 8/10 Very creepy, love horror movies like this which don't rely on cheap scares, yet still make you feel uneasy throughout. Trauma, loneliness, dogmatic religion are the themes.
Mulan 7.5/10. - I somehow missed the animated version, so this was all new to me. A very good story, with plenty of imaginative action sequences. It also reminded me of all the dubbed Kung Fu films my Dad used to get a lend for me in the 80’s, I used to love.
Not sure if it was specifically made for 3D, but it looked like it would’ve been even better watched in it.
Definitely one to watch with the family.



Timothy Spall plays the bloke who was considers one of Britain’s best hangmen. Not the most cheerful film but found it canny interesting

black Death 2010

sean bean, Eddie redmaybe, percy from blackadder, fire woman from game of thrones.

bean doing what bean does best, leading mad bastards on a mission in 1300 england, looking for a dodge pit in a village during the plague.

canny, never heard of it before, on Netflix and solid 7/10


3 billboards outside ebbing Missouri...young lass is raped and murdered and her mother gans on a one woman wrecking campaign to shame the local dibble into finding the perp...brilliant flick that wiped the board at the 2015 oscars


Dirty Harry (1971). A classic. Clint Eastwood‘s Harry Callahan makes his introduction as the Maverick cop. Andrew Robinson (DS9’s Garak) portrays the Scorpio killer with just the right menace. 9/10

Magnum Force (1973). Decent enough sequel. Callahan lock horns with a group of rookie cops who take the law into their own hands. David Soul, Robert Ulrich & Tim Matheson as the rookie cops. 7/10

Sudden Impact (1983) Probably the weakest out of the five movies. Eastwood directs this instalment. Sandra Locke (Eastwood’s girlfriend at the time) miscast as a woman committing her brand of justice on her rapists. 6/10

Will probably watch The Enforcer and The Dead Pool in the next couple of days.
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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (2019). Biopic of Lloyd Vogel’s developing friendship with Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks). Wasn’t what I was expecting, but turned out to be a lovely heartfelt film. Bit of a slow burner but worth watching. 8/10
The Trial Of The Chicago 7 - 7/10

Enjoyed this would have rated it higher but I cant be doing with Sacha Baron Cohen in serious roles his accent seemed all over the place Im not sure what he was going for it just reminded me of Bruno