The SMB Movie thread 2020


Central Defender
Saint Maud - 8/10

Bit of a slow burner and very atmospheric. Thought the acting was great and was disturbed throughout.

Jumped out of my skin twice towards the end.

The big ugly.
Fuck me - vinnie Jones, about London and greed doing a deal with sole dodgepots in West Virginia.

cheap, tatty, awful acting, fuck all happens, actually turned it off after an hour.

what was I thinking 0.5/10


Hubie Halloween (2020) - Adam Sandler being Adam Sandler. Awful and totally stupid. Contender for the worst film of 2020. 1/10


Seberg (2019) Biopic based on the tragic life of Jean Seberg. Kristen Stewart gives a good performance as Seberg, who was persecuted by the FBI, leading to her personal life collapsing around her, which ultimately led to the death of her infant daughter and then taking her own life. 7/10


Wey there isn't. You've literally told us everything important about the film. :lol:

I could wiki most films before I watched them to find out what happens like.

I love reading Wiki while I’m watching a film, especially biopics. Annoys the hell out of the wife while we are watching a film and I am reading the synopsis and the trivia. “Why? Why? Put that tablet down and watch the f*cking film!” :lol: (She got really pissed off when I used to do it at the cinema)